Possum Spotting

by Tom Cooke
(Delaware, Ontario, Canada)

We have a number of Possums in and around our farm.

They have been regular visitors, mostly at night.

They are attracted to the cat food we leave out for the barn cats and we have seen them grazing on seed at the base of our bird feeders.

Our farm is located just outside of Delaware, Ontario, west of London.

We just noticed them during the past year.

Its funny watching them scramble away when you startle them.

Their top speed must be 5MPH. :-)

Thanks for telling us, Tom. I don't know if you heard, but Possums can be dangerous to horses - I read this recently .....
"It is especially important to protect your horses from infectious diseases. One such disease, Equine Protosoal Myeloencephalitis, or EPM, originates from opossums and some birds, and the horse fields can become contaminated by opossum waste. Proper fencing options to keep opossums away, as well as necessary horse care and checkups, may protect your horse from EPM infection."

You might want to "google" this if you have horses on your farm.

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Thanks for the "Possum" follow up note.
by: Tom Cooke

Your feedback is much appreciated. Yes, I do have horses and was unaware of that disease risk. Will definitely keep an eye on this and follow up accordingly.
Many thanks!

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