Possum Sightings from our Readers

by Jo Ann C, Tammy, Kim H, Kevin P, Marilyn & Bob B, Gary, Adam, Rhonda, Kathy, Scott, Ellen, Vicki, Lucy
(Peterborough, Castleton, Etobicoke, Cambridge, Arthur, Oshawa, Trenton, Toronto, Orillia, Cookstown, Thornhill, Ajax, Delhi)

Possum caught in a box

Possum caught in a box

Jo Ann C from Peterborough wrote to tell us ... we discovered a possum in our backyard on the morning of October 19th. An adult, and it ran off to find shelter in the bushes at the back of the yard. Mottled grey in colour, and it ran with a lumbering gait.

Tammy from Castleton said ... driving home to Castleton from Cobourg tonight, I saw a possum crossing the road.

Kim Hennick from Etobicoke said ... we were getting into the car this morning when we noticed a possum on our fence. We were able to get pretty close and the possum seemed quite dozy. He wasn’t sure how to get off of the fence so we said our goodbyes and parted ways!

Kevin Plautz said ... I saw one running across old Highway 24 south of Cambridge near Pinehurst Conservation Area on October 22nd.

Marilyn and Bob Bartels from Arthur wrote ... last Hallowe'en, we smelled a very strong smell of skunk while sitting in the house. It was so strong we actually thought it was a skunk in the house! After turning on outside lights we saw a possum sitting on the front porch. It must have come across a skunk in its travels. This is the first we have ever seen.

Gary from Oshawa reported ... I feed the local feral cats in our neighborhood in the evening, tonight a possum showed up. I tapped on the glass of the front door two feet away, he never stopped eating the dry cat food or even looked around. I have a broken down wooden shed in the backyard not in use, so perhaps he or she has taken a liking to it, and also plenty of berries from the hawthorn bushes, had a possum here in Fall 2015 but it got killed by a car on our side street weeks later. I picked him up with a shovel and laid him on the median and called Animal Control who picked up the body, we are about half a mile from the mainline of both Railways.

Adam from Trenton wrote ... I was walking through my 120 acres and found a nice size male Possum, unfortunately I think he was shot. He had a hole in his butt cheek the size of a toonie and blood all around his arm pits, but the insides didn't look all ripped up and damaged, so I'm unsure if he's okay or not.
Rhonda from the Bayview & Eglinton area of Toronto said ... about 5:00 pm tonight I looked out my patio door to see a possum on my back patio. It was rooting around in some fallen leaves . Once it saw me looking he took behind some shrubs. He was not big from had tail. Maybe 10 inches long. Happy to see it in my neighbourhood in Toronto.

Kathy from Orillia said ... I love wildlife and much to my dismay I could not avoid hitting this poor little guy on a sideroad west of Alliston just north of 89 last November.

Scott from Cookstown reported ... I saw a possum in our backyard in the winter. It seemed to be scrounging around through about 10 inches of snow.
We are located on a farm just south of Cookstown, Ontario, which is about 100 km north of Toronto.

Ellen from Thornhill said ... one day last winter, I was casually looking out of my large kitchen windows, and saw one of these walking along the back fence of our yard, walked end to end sniffing for food, and slipped under the fence. A perfectly long and straight tail, it caught me by surprise, as I have never seen one of these before in this area.

Vicki from Ajax wrote ... I just saw a possum travelling along the top of my fence on Thursday, at 11 am. It was big and fat and at first I thought it was a raccoon but no mistaking the long pointed face and the rat like tail. I had been told that they were here a couple of years ago but had only seen two dead ones. I live about 10 min from Lake Ontario.

One of our readers from Delhi wrote ... we let our dog outside and she sighted it right away. Chased it for a few seconds before it rolled up into a ball. We called her and thankfully she came. A few seconds after, he was up and moving.

Lucy wrote ... I live in a suburb of Toronto. Last night a possum came wandering through my back garden. It looked very healthy.

Thank you all for sending us your Possum sightings, I apologize for the delay in publishing them, we have hundreds to publish so I had to combine them, and it takes soooooo .... much time!

I will also post this on our facebook page.

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