Possum Junction in Toronto

by Brad
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Possum on Garage Roof

Possum on Garage Roof


Tonight at 8:30 I saw a rat-like critter atop my garage here in the Junction neighborhood in Toronto.

I was scared at first because it had a rat's tail, but the face was white.

It stayed perfectly still when I shone a flashlight on it, and I could get very close to take photos.

He was a cute little guy about the size of a small cat, who looked back at me a little scared.

I Googled for pictures of Ontario animals and there is was, a Possum - amazing, I never knew they lived this far north.

I hope nobody makes Possum Pie out of him!

I wonder what the local Raccoons think of Possums, and I hope he doesn't set up a nest in my garage... hmmm.

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