Possum in North York -

by Liane
(North York, Ontario, Canada)

Sitting out in the back yard around 7:00 in the morning October 7, 2017, having a cigarette, and a possum strolls by no more than 5 feet away from me on the pool deck. It was the size of a common (adult) house cat ... maybe 18 to 20 inches long, plus it had a long tail.

I immediately thought it was a huge rat but realized fairly quickly that it wasn't. I had never seen a possum in my life until today, so was very surprised to see one in the city of Toronto!

When I stood up to get a better look and to decide if I should run into the house or not, it turned and looked straight at me. That's when I realized it wasn't a rat. After staring at each other for about 10 seconds, it turned, kept walking and disappeared into the garden.

I thought I was crazy. Possums don't live this far north ... or at least that's what I thought! After searching for information on possums in Toronto, I found this page. Was really, really glad it wasn't the mother of all rats! :)

Sorry, I didn't have my phone handy, so no pictures ... but will be on the lookout for it if it comes back.

Thanks for sending us this report of your Possum sighting ... I bet you did think it was a massive rat if you weren't expecting to see a Possum!

I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook readers can also enjoy it.

I found a picture of a cute Possum so I hope you don't mind that I added it to your page.

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