Possum in Hamilton

by Brenda
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

I had never seen a Possum before last night. I was sitting out late last evening and when I looked up I saw a large cat-sized animal (which I thought was a rat) looking at me.

It was a grayish colour with a fat body and long tail. My cat was sitting with me and I immediately threw him into the house not wanting to have any confrontation.

This was very unnerving and to be honest, I could not sleep at all.

I talked about my sighting with a couple of people who said it was a Possum as it did not run away but just looked at me calmly before taking off.

Since finding this forum and reading other peoples' accounts I feel lots better. I grew up in Windsor, Ontario where the rats are indeed the size of cats and was not looking forward to repeating the experiences of my youth.

Thanks to everyone for the previous comments and I wish the furry immigrants well.


Thanks for telling us about your Possum encounter, Brenda!

They are fairly peaceful creatures, except when cornered and threatened. We had one that lived under our back steps for a summer, a couple of years ago, and he just went about his business and kept himself to himself.

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