Possum Hotel and B & B

by Todd
(Lindsay, Ontario, Canada)

My name is Todd I live in Lindsay, Ontario.

A few weeks back we noticed a Possum in our yard. I thought it was really cool.

FAST FORWARD, over the past few days we have noticed the cat food going down faster than normal, and new deposits in out kitty litter box. No kidding! My land lady called me upstairs and told me she had seen the possum, he is living in the house.

So now the search is on for our elusive litter-trained and cat food eating new friend.

I kind of like the idea and the cat doesn't seem to mind, but I am not sure my land lady shares my thoughts.

Maybe I can sneak him down to my apartment.

Will keep you posted. But that might be IMPOSSUMABLE!

I love it, Impossumable!

I hope you don't mind Todd, but I moved your submission to it's own page, rather than just being a comment on someone else's page

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Virginia Opposum
by: Alexis

We recently rented a live trap for a raccoon problem we were having. A neighbour had a mom and four kits living under their deck since Spring.

We caught all the raccoons along with three different skunks and three different Virginia Opposums.

You might want to consider renting a live trap, putting the cat food away at night and baiting it with marshmallows. Seems raccoons, skunks and opposum LOVE marshmallows.

Just mentioning this on the off chance you have more then just one opposum in your house. They have litters two times a year and have from 6-8 young. Some have been known to have up to 14 young at one time.

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