Possum caught

by Adri
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

We put out a second trap to catch the Raccoon that made his home in our attic.

We caught one and wanted to make sure that there is not a friend wandering around, but this time around we trapped a Possum!

That happened at our house too - we had problems with Raccoons catching our hens, and we had trapped one, but we put the trap out the next night ..... but we caught a young Skunk! I let it out of the trap v-e-r-y carefully!

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Caught one in Peckering
by: Gord F

We have a fish pond in the backyard and occasionally loose a fish to Raccoons. A week ago we lost several fish and put out our trap to capture the late night visitor. Caught one coon but decided to put the trap out again just in case there where more. Surprise the next morning one large Possum caught right beside the fish pond. Did not know there where Possum in Pickering. Relocated the little devil outside the city. Not the cutest little varmint's but seemed pretty docile.

by: Miro

That is interesting. We happen to have possum
under our shed. Not sure what to do with it.

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