Possum are everywhere

by Mitch, Jennifer, Louise, Cheryl, Troy, Sandra, Cyril, Florence
(Bolton, Port Hope, Mulmur, Chatham, Brampton, Whitby, Woodbridge, Lindsay, Belleville area )

Mitch from Bolton wrote ... Just yesterday (March 15th) around 9:00 am, I saw a possum sitting on my neighbours front lawn. At first I thought it was a statue as it wasn't moving, but then it started walking towards us and I told my wife "...that's a possum. I've never seen one walking around in the wild before". I've lived in this area all my life (50+ years) and most of it in rural areas, I've seen raccoons, deer, ground hogs, coyote, bear, fox, wolves, moose and array of others, but never possum.

Jennifer from Port Hope said ... March 15, 10:45 pm both evenings, two nights in a row now we have spotted a possum waddling by our backyard sliding door in Port Hope Ontario. It was gone before I could take a picture.

Louise from Mulmur reported ... This was a few months ago. At first I thought we were seeing things because I didn't think they came this far north. However it was just now (March 2019) under our bird feeder.

Cheryl from Chatham wrote ... Roaming around our backyard in town. A little nervous as our dog, a smaller dog, want at it! It ran away when we went out but will he be back? I read how they eat ticks and other insects. Maybe I'll keep him around, as long as he leaves Charlie alone!

Troy from Brampton said ... He was hanging out by by hot tub. He was completely oblivious to me trying to get his attention for a photo.

Sandra from Whitby wrote to say ... I surprised a rather large adult possum the other night at the compost bin. It was about ten thirty. He dropped to the ground and froze there, eyes locked on mine. I just talked to him softly, dropped off my compost and left. No idea where he lives but I hope he’s found some place warm. Not my house.
A reader from Woodbridge said ... I saw an opossum Saturday March 2 at around 4 in the afternoon as I was getting off highway 400 at the highway 7 exit

Cyril from Lindsay wrote ... 2:30 am I went to let my dog out and when I turned on the outside lights there they were two possums in my garden one large one and one medium one, I had to go out and scare them away so the dog could go out.

From Collingwood a reader wrote ... In our outside compost bin in Collingwood, Ontario. The tip of his tail is missing/injured. Perhaps from frostbite as we've had some extremely cold weather recently.

Florence from Belleville-Trenton area said ... We saw two possums dead at the side of the road last summer, and just this winter we have seen three live possums. We are about half way between Belleville Ontario, and Trenton Ontario, near CFB Trenton. Looks as though they are doing quite well around here!

One of our readers from Lambeth, near London, wrote ... Today in Lambeth Ontario at 4 pm February 23rd. It's just hanging out, digging something from the ground and eating whatever it’s finding. It’s not worried at all about my dog barking at it from in the house about 20 feet away.

Thank you all for sending us these reports of your Possum sightings!

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