Possible Wolf sightings

by Ron, Raj and several other readers
(Mississauga, London, Kitchener, Ottawa)

One of our readers said ... my co-worker said that he has a Timber Wolf visit his property during the winter in broad daylight. He said that the animal was huge and could only be a Timber Wolf. He lives in Milton, Ontario right beside the escarpment. My theory is that timber wolves live in isolated pockets in Southern Ontario, but during the winter when food is short they migrate to populated areas where they have access to areas where deer hunting is prohibited due to its close proximity to development. I have also seen Wolves foot prints beside Mud Lake just west of Orangeville and they are quite massive. Although this was over 25 years ago.

White wolf sighting in Mississauga Meadowvale Conservation Area. I believe I saw this same white wolf, which looks much bigger than a coywolf or coyote and broad head so not coyote, in Mississauga. I've seen coyotes and coywolves before and this was nothing like it. Much bigger like a king shepherd or bigger. It was all off-white. Gorgeous, but very frightening encounter. It was watching my dad like he was going to hunt... went in the bushes when my dog and I joined him and we yelled the entire time to keep him away. We didn't know if it would jump out at any time. This was at Meadowvale Conservation at 8:15 pm September 10 2021.

Ron Chard wrote ... I spotted 2 large Wolves today October 23 2021, were I live on Mornelle Ct. My Apartment backs onto the bush which connects to the water front trail. They were large bigger than my Belgian Shepherd which is 110 lbs. Thx.

Coyotes at the Thames Valley Parkway Trail, London - As I was going for a late night run around 3:00 am I saw what appeared to be a husky dog at first coming towards me around the corner. It immediately turned and ran away when it saw me. I was wondering what a dog was doing out at this time and I was looking to see if its owner was nearby but then it occurred to me that this was not a dog as it scurried toward the forest area, stopped and looked at me and then ran into the forest. I then saw the young coyote come out and I got a better look at it. It had a much thinner face and snout then a husky. I went for another run around the same time 2 nights later and saw the younger coyote again in the same spot.

Late Night Kitchener Howling - Just off Block Line/Homer Watson, 11/25/21 at around 1:00 am loud howling for around 2 minutes straight. Nothing like the coyote yips I’m used to, this was truly bone-chilling. Wish I could have gotten a look at the big poochies!

Raj from Ottawa wrote ... Yes we also saw two wolves while driving on aviation parkway on November 28th. I bike there in summer months but will have to bike somewhere else! I think Ottawa police should take it seriously before someone's life gets in danger.

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Grey/White Wolf
by: Anonymous

Wolf sighting tonight in Mississauga. 9:45 pm Fifth Line West at Sheridan Alliance Church Grounds. Approximately 80-90 lbs. Healthy looking. Grey.

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