Possible sighting of Wolves

by Andrea

I live off of hwy 48 around the Ravenshoe Road area (south of Lake Simcoe) and I have, on 3 separate occasions, in the past year and a half seen a pair of either wild dogs, Coyote hybrids or Wolves on my property.

I live on a property with a large amount of acreage and none of my neighbors have dogs.

One animal is very dark in color and the other is very light in color. Both are at least 110 lbs and resemble a German Shepherd / Husky-type appearance, although much larger.

On all 3 occasions the animals appeared, very close to either the house or to human activity but always when the dogs were out with us. They just didn't seem to behave like dogs.

The first time was out in the back forest and they seemed to be hunting my dog. The second they came up close to the barn, I just happened to be in the shed off of the barn. The third time was the scariest as we let the dogs out for a "washroom break" and they were right outside the back deck.

The Beagle went right after one, the Golden Doodle went after the other (chasing it into the back field toward the bush) and the Snoodle stood on the deck barking her head off, lol.

Anyway I've heard of sightings of Coyote-Wolf hybrids in the area and I just would really like to know what we saw.

Hi Andrea, I'm not sure what you saw, but perhaps someone else in your area has seen these animals too.

I hope you don't mind, but I have put this here, rather than in the comments section as more of our readers will read and enjoy it here.

Thank you for telling us about your experience! I will also post this on our facebook page.


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Not Wolves
by: Anonymous

These are not Wolves. They are dogs. The dark one is a husky-shepherd mix and his name is Gunner. The other one is a giant malamute, his name is Max. Both are very friendly and great with kids. Gunner is 80 pounds.

Pair of wolves in same area.
by: Anonymous

We were coming home last week and pulled onto our street in the Ravenshoe and McCowan Rd area and also spotted what looked like 2 wolves crossing the street. As we drove up our street, they came up to the side of the car, but did not seem vicious. One was white and the other was more of a grey. The grey one had a chain link collar on, so possibly someone had a pet wolf and released it??
As we continued to drive to our house, these wolves?? strolled across our neighbour's properties and eventually disappeared into the forests behind the homes.

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