Possible Lynx Sighting in Niagara Falls

by Marlon Romyn
(Welland, Ontario, Canada)

As the creature is just getting up

As the creature is just getting up

While driving into Niagara Falls down Montrose Road about a kilometer away from Niagara Square shopping mall, I saw what looked to me to be a very large cat sunning in a clearing.

I told my wife what I saw and she insisted we turn around to investigate further.

We turned around to see that there was a large cat-like creature lying down in the sun. We stopped on the side of the road and got out of the car.

My wife stood at the side of the road and snapped a few pictures as the cat got up and proceeded towards the bush line. As it got closer to the bush line another one stood up and they both vanished into the trees.

I am almost certain they were Lynx however I am no expert.

They appeared to be about 2 ft tall with pointed ear and shaggy fur.

I have seen nothing like this before but have heard stories of them being spotted in the area.

The exact location is on Montrose Road between Blackburn Parkway and Brown Road.

There is a stream the runs east west and opens up just before intersecting with the road. This is where we spotted them.

What an incredible experience!!

Thank you so much for sending this report and your pictures, I know our readers will find this as interesting as I did!

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Big Cat Still Around
by: Marlon Romyn

I am glad to hear that it is still around. The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) originally told me that it was likely a large house cat, but I'm positive it was way too big to be a house cat. The area you saw it in was very close to my original sighting and it was about the same time of year. If anyone has any pics it would be nice to see again!!

Just saw this
by: Anonymous

I just saw him on McLeod Road at Oakwood Drive, at the Q.E.W. ramp ... how old is this article I've never seen one before it was amazing I had to turn around and come back he was still there.

The original post was submitted in March 2015, so it's not too old.

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