Possible Cougar sightings

by Denise, Jess B, Kevin & Shelley, Mary, Beth, WineMixers, Craig, Paula & Joe
(Hamilton, Hanover, Hickson, Grand Bend, Clayton, St Catharines, Burlington, Huntsville, Toronto)

Trail-cam Cougar

Trail-cam Cougar

Taking my dog outside for a midnight pee and my motion light was on at the side of my house, as I turn the corner I see a shadow of this big cat and as it ran it made a noise I’ve never heard before. I ran into the house out to my back porch and it was growling/loud roar like.

Denise Jackson wrote ... I wouldn’t believe me if I hadn’t been me last night. There was a cougar in the wooded area that runs along the Lincoln Alexander parkway on the west Hamilton mountain. I saw a cat (house cat) running across a residential parking lot and looked around to see what gave it the scare. To my surprise there was a huge cat slowly retreating back into the bush. I didn’t even know this could be possible in southern Ontario. At first I thought maybe a coyote, which are local. But the more I thought about the animals appearance and behaviour I realized it was a feline species. I was completely sober and in a calm state of mind. If you live in the area don’t let your cats outside at night time. This one was clearly stalking the cat. Wow. I’m still shocked.

Jess B from Hanover wrote to report ... January 30th around 11:00 am a friend and I were driving home to Hanover from Walkerton and in a farmer's field just outside of Walkerton there was an extremely large "cat" leisurely making its way across a farmer's field. We slowed down to watch. We knew it wasn't any kind of dog from the way it was moving. At first we thought it was a bobcat but it had a very long tail. Later when I had looked up " cats of Ontario" I discovered it was more likely to be a cougar vs a bobcat.

Kevin & Shelley said ... I saw something that may have been a cougar, it was was about 2-1/2 feet tall and maybe 4 - 5 feet long. It ran south to north over County Road 8 just west of Blandford Road. Shelley was with me and we can’t believe the size. it was 7:30 pm on Jan 2.

Mary from Grand Bend said ... we saw what we thought was a cougar tonight 8:30 pm near the village of Thedford at Widder Station golf course. Beige colouring, with long rope tail. Leapt across the road in two bounds.

Beth from Clayton wrote ... driving onto our property on Taylor Lake, near Clayton Ontario, only got a glance of the big cat. But definitely big and had a very long tail, lovely tawny colour. It ran into the scrub before we could have taken a pic. Looked for tracks but couldn’t find any.

WineMixers from St Catharines reported ... I was driving north on 7th Street towards the QEW overpass at 5:00 am back on July 17th 2019 when I saw a large cougar in the grass east of the guardrail. I slowed my vehicle almost to a stop as I passed and got a great look at the cougar's face when it popped its head above the guardrail as I passed by.

Craig wrote ... one morning around 9:00 am I saw what I believe was a cougar. Its coat was darker, not the golden color. I got a good look at it for 5 or 6 seconds, as it passed between some trees. It was in Burlington, Ontario, Guelph line and QEW area. This was back in March 11 2019. No pictures.

Paula & Joe Plant said ... we saw a Cougar on our way to town which is Huntsville, Ontario, about five thirty on the 12 of July 2019. It came out of the bush about two car lengths in front of us. A little before 3436 Aspdin Rd. It looked our way and its tail was straight out. Sorry no pics.

Beginning last summer one afternoon I was walking along Pharmacy Avenue, just behind corner from Victoria park subway stn, between bus stop Teesdale Place and Dolfin, there is bridge and on the left side is Dentonia Court. As I was passing the bridge I saw in the court area at 100 meters distance sitting big dark colored animal like cat. The animals just sat and did not move. I was surprised how come the cat is so big, like a large dog and nobody was there. So until now is for me mystery what species of animal it was. But now I have been reading all these stories I have also some experience to share with a large cat spotted.

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Cougar tracks
by: Mike m

Mike M said ... I took photos of a large cat print (5 in wide) with quite a long stride east of Burk's Falls in late November 2022, they would appear to be more cougar then lynx.

Black Cougar? Perth County
by: Anonymous

My dad was hauling manure December 13, 2022 (Perth County, near Punkeydoodles corner) when a large black animal came out of the bush. It had a long tail and ran at a very fast pace across the field heading south into Oxford County. It was definitely bigger than a dog or coyote and a longer tail than a dog. He said it was unreal how fast it ran.

Possible cougar Perth County
by: P

Driving around 11pm in early September in Perth County (about 5-10 minutes outside of Stratford) and saw a massive cat run across the road and leap into a farmer field. Was absolutely shocked, much bigger than any Coyote or dog.

Cougar spotted in Elphin
by: Jane Conley

Saturday, August 20th 2022, a Cougar was spotted outside Rick Killingbeck's restaurant in Elphin, Ontario about 4:30 pm.
He was large, honey colour, lurking at the back of his lot, and disappeared into the bushes beside the highway. After 5 or 10 minutes, he did not reappear.

Greyish Cougar seen on West Hwy 402
by: paul

Friday, July 1, 2022, on Hwy 402 I was driving west about 19:45 h near about mile post 40 km, a medium-large greyish cougar with a long tail ran across the highway going north from the wooded median into the woods on the north side of 402. It had a short face, long non-bushy tail, and cleared the two lane highway in just a few bounds; thus I know not a fox, coyote, or bobcat/lynx. Impressive creature!

Possible Cougar sighting in Brampton
by: Nev

My family and I went for a bike ride around 8:30pm. We headed North on Creditview Rd towards Old School and turned back around.
There was a beautiful stretch of forest off a long field in between 2 houses a km apart.
I was watching an animal moving along the tree lines just out at the field. I thought it was a fox or coyote, until I saw its long slender snake like tail. It was big from the distance we were seeing it from. Yellow in colour. Then I saw it drop down to the grass in a hunting like motion.
I signaled my family to ride faster, just in case.
Never would have imagined seeing this creature so close to a suburban area like Brampton.

Thanks for Posting!
by: Tammy

Wow, fascinating stories. I can imagine what it was like! I live in Eastern Ontario by the woods & you think it could never happen, but it goes to show it could. Thanks for taking the time to tell the stories!

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