Possible Bobcats or Lynx

by Erica, JG Trepanier, Steve, Sam S, Joe, Ran, Sheena, Mark, Ron, Rebecca, Doug
(Mountsberg, Tecumseh, Brampton, Erin, Dysart et al, Blue Mountain, Grimsby, Milverton, Athens, Hamilton, Norwood)

Erika said ... I live on Mountsberg Rd. Between Hwy 6 & Center. Saw something about 8 weeks ago but was trying to figure it out on my own. Approx. 11 p.m. was sitting outside on field-facing deck. I am used to seeing rodents, cats, dogs/cayotes etc. I had my flashlight in hand as I had a problem with raccoons and recycles. I saw something come up the east side of our house/driveway. Normally I would flash my light on it. I was in shock at the speed of it. I did not see the head. I saw the body, shape. Tail not back, not upright. The length was about 24" NOT including head or tail. Width was less then that. Can't tell you colour. Looked like a stalking cat but way bigger and stayed in that position at an incredible speed for a (what I think) was a very long time. I have looked for pics on line. I do not think it was as big as a cougar. I think it was longer than a Lynx or Bobcat. I keep looking and after awhile, decided it was a cougar, with really short legs. Do you have any suggestions for me to google photo? Please keep in mind the speed of what I saw and that I am relatively aware of most wildlife in my area Thank you, Erika from Mountsberg

JG Trepanier from Tecumseh, Ontario wrote ... I have seen what may be a Lynx - spotted 1:45 am May 9, on E.C. Row halfway between Banwell and Lesperance Rd. size : approx. 24", Colour : tan brown, features : mid point top of each ear dark hair pointy tip, exact location : at the bend in the road, east bound lane, south side of gravel shoulder, what it was doing : still, almost a siting position on edge of grass, watching me. what I did : passed by at 80km in the eastbound passing heading for home (no cars preceded me and there was nothing behind me except darkness).

Steve from Brampton suspects he saw a cougar ... Unfortunately I believe I saw a dead cougar on Queen Street near McVean in Brampton near the Clairsville Conservation Area. Hit by a car it looks like.

Sam S from Erin wrote ... I have seen a very big type of wildcat in Erin Ontario in the area of First Line and 5th Side Road near the Hydro lines not far from the pole at all. I still got it for a few seconds I realized it was not a Wolf-coyote or Coyote-wolf it was some type of big cat. It was bright orange had some black spots on it, short tail, very lean looking, springing back legs. This was right behind the house and it came three or 4 feet out of the forest looking for the dog that just came out of the forest, our dog. I really wish I could’ve got a picture but I had the phone in the house. I don’t know what kind of cat it was, but it was a big wildcat. It may have been a Mountain Lion, Cougar, Puma I just don’t know, all I do know was it looked pretty mad and it also was close to houses. This was on August 27 2022. It didn’t look like it had a fur coat, it more or less looks like silky skin or leather skin just a furry. I hope this helps somebody somewhere or good information for the government of Ontario and Aaron or the conservation Authority. It was on private property, but just behind it is Government lands

Joe wrote from Dysart et al wrote to say ... I was out walking my dog, quiet time early morning during the week, saw a cat as it was going back into the woods, possibly a Bobcat.

Ran from Blue Mountain, Ontario wrote ... On 02/16/2022 at approximately 22:30 h while Southbound on Hwy 124 South of Concession Road 3. Large Lynx cat darted across the roadway Eastbound. The large cat had a spotted coat over a grey beige colour with a short pointed tail.

Sheena from Grimsby said ... I was recently on a walk with my dog near the Bruce trail between Stoney Creek and Grimsby on the escarpment when we came across some VERY large paw prints frozen into the ice. I didn't have my phone to capture a picture, but to give you an idea of size, the prints were almost the length of my size 10 Winter boot. I didn't realize that there were such large predators in this area.

Mark Mueller from Milverton, Ontario wrote ... I have seen what I think is a Bobcat. One last spring by the bush area, and one more time today. But this time it was right by my farm. It it almost 1km from the bush to my farm. The cat was darker than the one you have in the picture but it was definitely bigger then a normal cat and had the pointy ears. Unfortunately no pictures.

Ron McC from Athens, Ontario said ... I saw a small one from a tree stand while deer hunting. About 7:30 am. Walked almost under me then saw me and stopped look for a few seconds then turned and walked back the way it came. Not a feral cat because it had a very short thick tail.

Rebecca from Hamilton wrote to say ... Driving up at the top of the Kenilworth Access where it meets Mountain Brow Blvd., I spotted a Lynx. The legs were longer than that of a Bobcat.

Doug from Norwood, Ontario wrote ... across the street from my home, the neighbour has a large wood pile. This morning I looked out and saw a Lynx or Bobcat sitting on top of the wood pile! My neighbor has many cats at his property! I live on County Road 45 in Norwood Ontario, Canada! Thank you! Cheers!

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