Possible Bobcat sightings

by Justin, Kelly, Lloyd, bob, John, Braiden, Tim, Lucy, Roxanne
(Caledonia, Haldimand County, Durham Region, Millbrook, Niagara Falls, Woodstock, Huntsville, Napanee, North Dumfries)

ATVing through unused land around farms near Caledonia (around Hamilton) and looked over a stream a couple hundred yards into the field after coming over a hill to see two possible bobcats that my machine had startled, I say this because I have seen many coyotes around the area and it looked nothing like them in the way the hips looked, the coloration, and if they had been coyotes they would not have appeared as big from such a distance, as I sit there with my eyes locked on what I thought was the only one pulling out my phone to take a video a second one came running from behind it spooking the one that I had locked eyes with and they both made off into the landscape, I have a video of this but am not able to upload it as it cannot convert to a PDF. Any thoughts from anyone about what I saw?

Justin from Durham Region wrote ... I believe that I saw a Bobcat while driving on Regional Road 5 at approx 04:45 on North side of road Directly across from the Spring Creek Golf and Country Club address 2425 concession Road 9 Claremont. I work for the roads department and we patrol all the regional roads throughout the night all winter in order to call in plows or salter trucks if necessary. It was a clear morning and I was driving when I saw it in the snow on the shoulder. It was definitely not a house cat or raccoon since I see those species very frequently. The wide grey head and thick muscled body caught my attention and I couldn’t see a tail that stood out since I was driving and it was facing me crouched. I was travelling westbound and it was facing me and crouched down on the same side of the road. The closer I got to it the lower it crouched while I drove by. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I turned around but the Bobcat was gone. The only time I have seen a bobcat was at the Peterborough zoo. I took some pictures of the tracks and used my size 12 men’s winter work boot for rough scale. Hopefully this may help in the conservation or protection of this amazing species.


Kelly from wrote ... I live in Haldimand County in York along the Grand River, last night I took my dog out at approximately ten o'clock and on my neighbors lawn was a bobcat, I was stunned and excited at the same time, I have lived here for ten years and have never seen one, he stared at me and then ran into the field.

Lloyd Dozois from Millbrook said ... on our back porch we saw a cat looking at our house cat through the screen, it had banded tail and long legs, short face and plain markings on its body.

Bob frim Niagara Falls said ... I was traveling to work this morning and spotted a possible Bobcat, I was traveling southbound on the QEW around the Netherby Road area. The Cat was standing off the road down in the embankment just watching traffic and appeared quite large.

John wrote to tell us ... I was driving on the 403 west heading to the 401 just outside of Brantford, Ontario just before Woodstock near Muir Line around 2am and just at the edge of the gravel of the highway I believe I spotted a Bobcat. It was dark and late but their features are very distinct it was just over 2’. Not to sure what else it could have been. I know it weird to see it but I’m sure it was one.

Braiden from Huntsville said ... in the middle of the night I was up watching TV and all of a sudden I heard this piercing scream. At first I was caught unawares and didn’t know what it was so I went outside and didn’t see anything. When I came inside I decided to look into that noise and sure enough it was the bark of a bobcat and to this date I still hear my feline friend at night.

Tim from Napanee wrote ... my trail camera has taken a picture of a Bob Cat I think anyways. Will up load the picture, night time so hard to tell. I live south of 401 east of Napanee.

Lucy wrote to report ... on my way to work around 5:30 a.m., along the Ridge Line in Oro Medonte between Oro-Medonte line 3-4 I saw a Bobcat cross the road from a wooded field into an open area then into a wooded field. It was actually quite amazing to see it. It crossed right in front of my car, bright lights on, that is why I am so sure of what I saw. It had the distinctive hair above its ears and the same colouring and long tail.

Roxanne said from Kitchener ... We spotted big cat droppings in North Dumfries/Cambridge Ontario. There is a natural area off Alps road. At the time we didn't think to take pictures, but it was most certainly from a big cat with animal fur in it. This was 5 years ago unfortunately, but it was also at a time many sightings were being reported in the area.

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