Possible Big Cat Sightings

by Margaret W, Jim S, Douglas G, Brad F, April, Patrick, Martin
(Delaware, London, Niagara Falls, Maberly, Schreiber, Effingham)

Margaret W from Delaware wrote ... I spotted a Big Cat about 30 mins ago while walking my dog in the back garden, which backs onto a cornfield at the intersection of Martin Road and Longwoods Road, Delaware N0L 1E0. The cat was charcoal grey, long tail, almost as long as the cats body, round head and small ears, moving stealthily, my dog barked and the cat took of in the direction of Wellington Street. Unfortunately I did not have my phone with me so no picture but it looked similar to a cougar.

Jim Stevens from London, I live well into town in London Ontario. (Oxford Adelaide area) In mid January (2018) I saw some large tracks in my backyard. They looked like a large cat print, but were so big I was reluctant to report them until a friend gave me a series or websites of other sightings. I wear a size 11 shoe which is 12 cm across at its widest part and these prints were bigger. They seemed to be chasing a squirrel all over the yard and one showed what seemed to be a number of squirrel prints as if it was suspended and thrashing its feet. No blood stains. I show the comparison size prints with my shoe, tracks across my yard and the numerous squirrel tracks in one place. Make of it what you will.

Douglas G from London, Ontario, wrote to say ... December 17 2022 at approximately 10:30 pm, London, Ontario highway 402 about 500 meters west of highway 401. I could not accurately identify what kind of animal I saw as it was dark out, and light snow was blowing. An extremely fast animal crossed my path from south to north, missing my car by inches. It was too low and fast to be a deer and the first thing I thought of was a big cat. I would estimate the length of the animal to be at least 3 1/2 or 4 feet, possibly longer. The colour was very light.

Brad F wrote to report ... Years ago I was playing paintball along the Bruce Trail in Niagara falls behind Town Line Road, it was late and pitch black outside and we were in the middle of the woods. I was crawling along the ground quietly to take a sniper shot at an opponent and when I looked up I was staring at a Male full adult cougar that looked to weigh close to 350 lbs I froze immediately and it sniffed and licked me then walked off into the trails.

April from Niagara Falls said ... I hike in Short Hills Provincial Park and I’ve seen tracks which appear to be cougar. Let me know what you think. I’ve also seen markings on tree in other areas off the Bruce trails.

Patrick from Maberly, Ontario wrote ... at 9:00 am June 7th I was walking my dog on our 200 acre rural Lanark County property. We came around a corner where there are 2 ancient sugar maple trees that are a favorite for the porcupines. Lucy, my dog, ran ahead and started barking, I sped up a bit to thinking it was a porcupine caught on the ground. I saw Lucy with an odd posture with her tail straight out and nose pointed down at an weird angle. I called her back and her recall is still very good. She came back to me and we continued on slowly as I was still looking for a porcupine. As we came closer to the 'two sisters' , the ancient maples, I heard an aggressive growl and saw something move up high in the tree. It moved out from the trunk toward the end of the branch. It scared me but Lucy and I stayed put for 2 or 3 minutes, with me crouching down and looking where I had last seen it. Sure enough it came back from the end towards the trunk and I got a real good profile of what was a big cat for sure. I did not run but we walked fast the other way. I don't normally carry a rifle with me when out, if I had I may have tried to get a little closer. This cat was as large as Lucy for sure. Lucy is a 60 lb Labradoodle. Now I know from personal experience there are big cats in Lanark County.

Martin wrote ... Just before the town of Schreiber (coming from the west) a Big Cat crossed the road before our eyes. It was too fast for a picture but looked like the cougar picture on this site. It was at least 1 metre long, we estimate 1.20m and about 70/80cm high. This was in August 2020 at 20:10

An Anonymous reader wrote ... in January 2023 I was driving down Effingham toward Chantler Road, Fonthill area, about 100m from the stop sign to turn onto Chantler I saw an animal running into a driveway (last house on the left). I only saw it's back part. At first I said "holy shit what was that?" As I got closer the tail was slender and not fluffy at all. It most certainly looked like the back end of a large cat. I drive the back roads constantly and see Coyotes, Foxes, deer.. but nothing like what I saw tonight.

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