Port Hope Ontario Sightings Nov 2009

by RAM
(Port Hope, Ontario)

Ram, one of our readers from Port Hope, sent us this report - There have been many Coyotes, not only living in town this year but also in more rural areas in Northumberland.

There have been reported incidents of cats having gone missing (with very graphic explanations) and other issues within the town of Port Hope this year.

The police have been canvassing areas going home to home in mid Port Hope telling locals to keep their animals indoors.
The population either needs to be controlled and/or relocated north of the town as they seem to be posing a very real threat.

Yes, this is definitely a problem - and although attacks on humans are rare, the Coyotes are too close to human habitation if they are in and around town. They have obviously lost their fear of people. I hope the authorities can do something about the problem and keep the human population safe, without resorting to culling the animals.

Please keep us updated on the situation in and around Port Hope.

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Coyote sightings have become usual
by: Cyndi Earle

For the past year or so we have been seeing coyotes (lone or in packs of 3 to 5) frequently in the subdivision where I live between hwy. 401 (farmland to the north) and Jocelyn St. (wooded ravine to the south).

They appear during any time of the day. It is most unsettling to have seen a pack of 3 trotting right down my street at 3:30pm, exactly when children are walking home from school.

Thanks Cyndi - please let us know which community these were sighted - our readers would like to know, so they can be on the alert for these animals.

by: Jack

We hear the Coyotes around our community, west of Waterloo. They howl and scream as they hunt. We love nature and its critters, and we remind ourselves that we moved into their territory, but we are still are very careful about letting our Border Collies out at night. The dogs would probably try to chase Coyotes away - but although the Coyotes don't hunt in packs, we don't want any kind of confrontation to happen!

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