Pond Mills Coyote Sightings

by Patrick
(Pond Mills, London, Ontario)



I live in South London, Ontario, and my property backs onto a conservation area and Spettigue Pond.

We regularly see wildlife such as deer, skunk, possum, raccoon, fox and many bird species including Great Horned Owls.

In the last few months we have seen two Coyotes travel past on the boardwalk, but most often though we only see one coyote. It is a regular occurrence and with one or two sightings per week.

My daughter who's bedroom faces the woods often hears them yapping at night. Our two very large 90 lb boxers continually monitor the fence line barking constantly into the woods.

What upsets me is the ignorance of the many people that hike the trails with small and large dogs, mostly off leash even though this is prohibited.

The next thing you read about is a small dog being carried off by Coyotes and this is supposed to be the Coyotes fault.

The Conservation Authority really should have a blitz to fine those people for having their animals off leash, for the family and dogs well being, as well as the beautiful Coyotes.

Thank you for writing to tell us about your neighbourhood Coyotes - I know our readers will find this interesting.

I hope you don't mind - I added a picture of a Coyote!

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Coyote in Etobicoke
by: Janet

I saw one today in the park, he was pretty close, so if my dog was off the leash, even though he's very friendly, his protective side could kick in at any time, but thinking about the size, it could have been a Wolf Coyote mix, beautiful animal! We took over their homes, they protect what is left of it. It's only fair to respect it!

Pond Mills Coyote
by: Alexis

I couldn't have said it better.
We're the ones that have infringed upon their space. Not the other way around.
Gorgeous photo of a beautiful animal.

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