Plenty of Possums

by Ian, Heather W, Mark S, Michelle, Jo Ann, Tammy, Kim H, Kevin P, Dennis
(Georgetown, Ajax, Guelph, Whitby, Trenton, Peterborough, Castleton, Etobicoke, Toronto, Thornhill)

Captive Possum in Georgetown

Captive Possum in Georgetown

One of our readers said ... Caught a big male in Georgetown - see picture above!

Ian from Ajax said ... I was out for my evening walk two winters ago and came across a Possum in the Westney road / Hwy 2 area of Ajax. It was winter and I thought it was a big chunk snow and ice from a wheel well in the middle of the road, when it moved.

Heather W from Guelph said ... I spotted a possum in our backyard at 9.30 this evening. It's quite warm tonight, for October ... about 14 degrees.
He ran away quickly when he heard us.

Mark S from Whitby wrote ... we were trying to get our cat in and my son said I think I saw a Possum. We shined the light on him and then our cat chased him and it went in our neighbors shed.

Michelle said ... I saw one crossing the Curtis Road at 8 Wing Trenton. Unfortunately no picture as I was driving, plus a little shocked that one had crossed in front of my vehicle.

Jo Ann C from Peterborough reported ... we discovered a Possum in our backyard this morning, an adult, and it ran off to find shelter in the bushes at the back of the yard. Mottled grey in colour, and it ran with a lumbering gait.

Tammy said ... driving home to Castleton from Cobourg tonight, I saw a Possum crossing the road.

Kim H from Etobicoke wrote ... we were getting into the car this morning when we noticed a Possum on our fence. We were able to get pretty close and the Possum seemed quite dozy. He wasn’t sure how to get off of the fence so we said our goodbyes and parted ways!

Kevin P from Toronto saw one running across old Highway 24 south of Cambridge near Pinehurst Conservation Area in October.

Dennis from Thornhill said ... we saw a white Possum in our front yard last night.

Wow, thank you all for letting us know about your Possum sightings! These little critters are everywhere!

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