Plenty of Possums

by Nancy Phillips, Karen deJong, Stacey Scott, Darlene, Mrs G Harris, Jean, Heather, Andrea
(Hamilton, Innisfil, Waterloo, London, Grafton, Toronto, Etobicoke, Cobourg, Barcovan Beach)

May 12 2016 Nancy Phillips from Hamilton wrote to tell us of her Hamilton Mountain Possum sighting ... Two nights ago we had a full grown possum in our backyard. Just before dusk we spotted it wandering along the fence line of my whole backyard and then back again. When my husband opened the back door to take a photo, it lifted it's head straight toward the sound and then quickly ran behind our garden shed.

May 8 2016 Karen deJong wrote to report ... We needed to refer to your website to confirm that it was indeed a Possum. We live in the Town of Innisfil, a municipality that is mostly rural. The possum was feeding on the seeds dropped by birds at our bird feeder. The first time was around 8:00 AM, and the second time around 4:30 PM between May 4 to May 7, 2016. We suspect a subdivision under construction not far from us drove this critter in our direction. He disappeared in the bush on our 3.5 acre property.

Stacey Scott said ... My husband reported seeing a Possum running across a residential street near our house in Northeast Waterloo two nights ago (May 2016). I was very surprised, since I wasn't even aware that they lived in Ontario. I stumbled upon this site when I was trying to find pictures of what they look like. Thanks for all the great information. It was very interesting to read about how Possums arrived in Ontario, and to read all the stories of local sightings. I hope the one in our neighbourhood is careful with all the raccoons we have.

A Reader from London wrote to say ... I've seen 2 very large possums here. One got trapped in a backyard garbage can and ran like crazy when I tipped it out and the other was in my courtyard just nosin' around.

Darlene from Grafton, Ontario, said ... My dogs were barking uncontrollably at 4 am and when I went to investigate I shone my flashlight on a Possum. Thankfully, I was able to get my dogs away, but the little critter growled when I approached it. I was able to get my dogs away before they could hurt it.

Mrs. G. Harris of Toronto wrote to tell us ... I have resided in my home for forty-five years and have never seen a Possum, let alone in my back yard. At first seeing the large creature I thought it was a Raccoon but quickly realized that the rat-like tail was not that of a Raccoon. This was April 13, 2016.

Jean from St Clair Ave E & Pharmacy Ave area ... April 6th 9:39 pm - a light coloured possum was in my backyard - I thought it was a baby Raccoon, then a white cat, but as it came closer, a possum. I'm just relieved my dog had just come in. I will have to be on the lookout tonight!

Heather from London, Ontario, reported her broad daylight sighting ... I just saw a huge one running across the road and into my neighbour's yard - this was April 2016.

Another reader reported ... I saw one at night wandering around our back yard in Etobicoke, Ontario, April 12 2016.

One of our readers said ... May 3, 2016, Cobourg, Ontario - I just saw one walk across the street !

One of our Toronto readers said ... We live one block from Bloor and Yonge and there is a Possum in the tree outside our condo right outside our sixth floor window.

Andrea wrote to tell us about her Barcovan Beach Ontario sighting ... We we're heading home from thanksgiving dinner at approximately 8:00 pm and it was in the middle of the road. It swayed back and forth making a decision as I was approaching with my car and eventually decided to head off the road. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief not aware that Possums were living in this area, quickly went home and googled it and learned that they are here and thriving. This occurred coming home from Barcovan Beach in Carrying Place Ontario on County Road 64 on October 10th 2015.

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