Please help ID this bird

by Mike
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada )

I saw this bird outside my window around 9:15am.

It was flapping around my backyard, trying to catch a squirrel.

The squirrel ran into some bushes, and the bird just waited on my lawn looking at it until the squirrel went back out onto my lawn.

It really seemed unbothered by this bird.

It flapped around trying to catch the squirrel again but was unsuccessful and just flew away.

The bird looked pretty big, can anyone can help ID this bird?


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Red tailed or Cooper’s hawk?
by: Anonymous

Just a guess, not an expert.

by: Linda

I don't know what kind of Hawk for sure;
My best guess would be a Rough Legged Hawk by his pants.
19-24" If he hovered in place for an instant that would be the clincher for this guy. He lives in the Arctic and would winter in your area.
It maybe also be Red-Tailed Hawk (not always red, sometimes brown and taupe.) They are a resident year round in Ontario. They range from Alaska to Canada to Panama.
They are about the same size 17-24'

I think a Red Tailed Hawk
by: Kevin Lougheed

You can see some information here. Quite common in rural Canada. Red Tailed Hawk

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