Please do not mistake dogs for Wolves

by J. Tranter
(Dutton, Ontario, Canada )

I just wrote a comment on another visitor's story but would like to share the whole story here.

On April 17th 2012 two "Wolves" were spotted on the 401 between the Highbury Avenue exit and Wellington / Exeter Road, London, Ontario.

These two animals ran in front the vehicles two cars ahead of me and were both subsequently hit. Three vehicles stopped, none of which were the vehicles that hit them. Both "Wolves" were still alive on the shoulder cowering against the median.

When we initially pulled over on the shoulder we thought they were Wolves, but it became rapidly apparent that these were two Siberian Huskies.

Both dogs were badly injured, and we sat on the shoulder with them for over an hour while emergency services tried to find a rescue group that would take them, otherwise the dogs were to be dispatched on the 401. We stayed with the huskies, and followed them back to an emergency vet in Woodstock (we are still unclear as to why they went there instead of London as we were right at the exit).

Both dogs were scanned and microchips were found. Their owner was found immediately - it was a very sad story, the family was caring for a grandfather with dementia who had left the front door of their house open. Both dogs escaped without collars.

At the vets they told us that the dogs had traveled nearly 15 kms in three hours, and that many people had reported "Wolf" sightings during this time in the south London area.

In a nutshell this whole thing could have been avoided had people not been so fearful and immediately assumed they were Wolves.

I have attached a photo for any readers/no believers so they can see the similarities. The photo was taken shortly after we stopped them against the median and put leashes on them from my vehicle.

Please do not judge a book by its cover.

Thank you for sending this to us and I will also post this on our facebook page.

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Where Are The Pics?
by: Hilton Chretien


I don't see an attachment here. Is there another place that I can see these pics? Thanx:-)

Unfortunately, the pictures didn't come through with the report, but I will check my new messages and post the pictures if they are here

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