Petrolia Possum

by Chris
(Petrolia, Ontario, Canada)


We were pulling in the driveway of our country home about 8 pm and I noticed a Possum, either coming out of below the deck or the window well next to it.

We had noises in our wall last spring and sure hope it does not have a nest, we can't find a point of entry.

It turned, looked at the van and ran under a parked car.

We sat there hoping to get a better look and it soon ran for our back fence, looked back once before shimmying itself under the fence.

It was grey bodied with a thick rat tail and a white head/face with black round it's eyes and round pink ears.

Freaked me out. I've got 4 dogs and they are always barking at stuff in the yard at night.

Could be at the Possum.

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