Percy Possum - Rural Brussels.

by Kim Hergott
(Brussels, Ontario, Canada)

Percy Possum

Percy Possum


My husband found the Possum in our garage yesterday after working on his truck.

It must have been attracted by the garbage that he had moved outside so he had more room and I was able to lure it outside and close the door.

This afternoon the dogs (who are about the same size as this big possum) were going crazy outside.

I went out to see what they were barking at and here was Percy Possum outside the fence just hanging around the trees.

I grabbed my camera and starting snapping pictures.

He waddled away towards our outdoor storage structure where we think he has taken up residence for the winter.

A friend said that a Possum's urine carries some disease that can kill other animals?

We are just concerned about our dogs (Cavaliers) as they are very precious to us.

I was thinking about trapping him and releasing him a couple of concession roads over, but he seems pretty harmless if he stays away from the dogs.

Also spotted wild turkeys today in the field beside our house.

It is a day for wildlife!

Thank you, Kim, for your report and picture!

I have found a website that has lots of info about the North American Possum and their Possum Pages say this about the danger of Possums to animals .....

Opossums will sometimes try to eat small critters such as mice, reptiles, amphibians, and even young kittens if other food is scarce. They will leave most larger animals alone and, in fact, are more likely to be harmed by a dog or full-grown cat than they are to inflict injury on them. They will rarely fight, despite putting up a fearsome display if threatened, and most likely will simply attempt to flee or play dead. The only animals that should avoid exposure to opossums are birds, horses, and sea otters. Strange as that may sound, if these animals ingest opossum feces they are at high risk of contracting a deadly disease known as sarcocystosis. (If you suspect an opossum may have entered a stable of horses, look for signs of their feces. You can find a photograph of opossum droppings by clicking here.)

I also found this link with info about the danger to horses from the Possum at About Horses

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