Pair of Wolves Near Middlemiss

by Maro
(Strathroy, Ontario, Canada )


My partner and I were driving north on Melbourne Rd in a huge thunderstorm around 11:00 pm this Sunday night. We were around Middlemiss when large animals walked/jogged onto the road out of nowhere surprising us (first thought "deer).

They came into clear view and one stopped in dead centre of the road. My partner and I both screamed as we had to swerve to avoid hitting it with the car.

Strikingly tall, the wolf just stood there staring at us as we missed it by not more than a meter.

I've never seen wolves in the wild and never so close but there was no mistaking it, these were no dogs or coyotes, they were almost eye level with us sitting in my Honda Fit.

I'm glad no one was hurt, I'm still recovering from the shock but real glad to have had the privilege to witness rare wildlife.

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Wolf sighting
by: Anonymous

My husband saw an animal that appeared to be a wolf which ran across Longwoods Rd. It was larger than a German Shepherd and mottled grey and fast as lightning. Their environment is dwindling and they are just trying to survive. We have to remember these animals were here long before man. We should respect and protect them.

Wolf outside of Glencoe
by: Tommy

About the 7th of November 2017, my father and I were looking for free across the road on Knapdale Drive, Glencoe, Ontario and saw a big Grey Wolf. It was bigger than our German Shepherd and grey like one you see in pictures.

Re: Wolves
by: Anonymous

I didn't realize Wolves live in these regions but I've recently heard of a few other sightings. They are fascinating animals and what a privilege to encounter them!

Chances are that wolf-like animals seen in this area, are Coy-wolves (Coyote - Wolf hybrids) which are showing Wolf-like looks.

True Wolves keep themselves in less inhabited areas than Southern Ontario.

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