Owl in the dryer vent

by Jackie Gladman
(John St, Oakville, Ontario, Canada)


On our street there is an Owl that has been living in my neighbour's dryer vent since late last summer, or early fall.

I got a picture in January.

We don't see it all the time, but it seems to like on overcast days it likes to sit right at the edge of vent looking out.

Can you tell me what type of Owl it is?

I don't know what type of Owl this might be but I will also post this on our facebook page as I'm sure one of our facebook followers will know.

Check our website and also our facebook page in the next few days as there may be someone who can identify this Owl.

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Screech Owl
by: Anonymous

This looks like it might be a Screech Owl.

Owl in the dryer vent
by: Alexis

What a great photo. It's an Eastern Screech Owl. They're only about 6½ -10 inches (16-25 cm) and are seen more and more in suburban areas.

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