Over Our House

by Margaret Imre & Jessica
(St Catharines, Ontario, Canada)

Two of our readers sent us reports of their Turkey Vulture sightings recently - the first one is from Margaret, who says ..... My husband and I watched and counted 158 turkey vultures fly over our home. We live in St Catharines, Ontario near the shores of Lake Ontario.

And Jessica, also from St Catharines says ..... I saw two Turkey Vultures in St Catharines along the Green Ribbon Trail perched in an old hollowed out tree, possibly at a nest.

They were beautiful and I had to find a picture of them on your website to know what they were - I don't know much about birds, but they were amazing!!

Thank you for your reports, and you captured a lovely shot there, Margaret!

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Turkey Vulture Sighting
by: Anonymous

Just saw a Turkey Vulture on our neighbour's roof in Port Dalhousie area of St Catharines. Amazing!

Several Turkey Vulture Sightings
by: J.V

For the past week I have seen several Turkey Vultures in the city of St.Catharines! The first was a group of at least 30-50 near the water (under the St. Paul Street bridge) by the radio station.

Then i saw a smaller flock near you the train tracks where Glendale and Merritt street are. And again, three of them today flew about halfway down Hartzel Road as I drove and then dove down behind one of the plazas...unreal!

They truly are amazing and beautiful. I had no idea we had them in our area until I saw them, and now I cant leave the house without seeing them this week lol.

Even more surprising is that I'm seeing them right in the city. :)

Yes, its amazing that once you start seeing something, you see it again and again! Thanks for telling us!

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