Out of control sheep-takers!

by Rob
(Woodstock, Ontario, Canada)

You don't have to go far to see a Coyote.

Mainly nocturnal - but can often be seen in both urban and rural settings - you're never far from a Coyote!

I hunt them, and farmers have thanked me for doing so after losing livestock and dogs. I know of a Rottweiler which had a very lucky escape from these brutes.

If you're having trouble losing chickens, cats or livestock then email me and I will help control them to a more reasonable level without the use of traps or poison. Humane, discrete. I will use the hide.


Any rural area within an hour of Woodstock. And yes - they live around the parks where my children play here too!

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by: Bill W

What are the rates? My Uncle got some land near Woodstock, Ontario, and he might need your service. Those nasty predators prey on most of his small live stock. I used to hunt them but since I got a back injury from my job, I can't move much. Not many hunters keep the hide, I have no use for it.

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