Our resident pair in Caledon

(Caledon, Ontario, Canada)

Caledon Coyote

Caledon Coyote

One of our readers sent this Coyote sighting report several months ago.

Fortunately I had my phone in my pocket as I looked out a northwest facing window of my home in rural Caledon, Ontario, Canada.

We regularly hear Coyotes and occasionally see our resident pair, typically between Christmas and the end of January. We coexist well.

We have Great Danes and (unusual for us) presently have an intact male. I feel that it attracts the attention of the Coyotes as, during last year's breeding season I saw the female, then male, sniff around areas marked by my dog. (he is going to neutered in a few weeks).

If the Coyotes catch sight of us they run, as we've made noise to discourage them from approaching the house any time their barks and howls sounded close by.

This is a photo of our resident male. He and his mate came out of the woods along a ravine to poke their heads under the crust of snow, likely hoping to catch mice.

The picture was taken at 4:30 pm, Monday, January 1, and it was very cold (-15c) under an overcast sky.

Unfortunately condensation on the window and the age of my phone made for a blurry photo.

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