Ontario Bald Eagle Sightings

by Hubert & Janet, Ben G, Dave, MM, Allison B, Jim M, Stacey
(Aldershot, Wilno, Ottawa, Welland, St Catharines, Everett, Buckhorn Lake, Perth East, Caledonia, Dundas, Ingleside)

Bald Eagle in tree

Bald Eagle in tree

One of our readers from Aldershot sent us this picture of a Bald Eagle perched on top of tree.

Hubert and Janet wrote to say ...after leaving our cabin in Wilno, Ontario, along highway 60 heading east just before Eganville, my wife and I spotted not one, but two Eagles in one tree. It was a awesome experience seeing these birds. Especially two of them. I captured them on my camera and got one in flight. We will keep our eyes peeled now overtime we return to our cabin.

Last winter Ben G wrote to say ... perhaps I've gone crazy, but I think I saw a very large Bald Eagle hovering over the southern bank of the Ottawa River this morning, just north of Rideau Hall. I've never been so close to such a large raptor before (it wasn't ten meters away), but I couldn't help but wonder why the Eagle was hovering over the bank of river that's been frozen solid for months. I'm not very knowledgeable about Eagles, so I'm writing mostly in the hope that someone can answer my questions (and that I can learn more about such a majestic creature, it really knocked my socks off when I saw it): wouldn't they have gone south (or perhaps toward the sea) for the winter? Perhaps they get by on small mammals during the winter months? Also, I'd like to know if my mind was playing tricks on me. Any help with this would be most appreciated.

Dave from Welland wrote to say ... I was driving to work this morning and I spotted a Bald Eagle flying over the recreational canal by the North Rowing Club. It was flying near the shore then crossed the road and flew over towards the new canal.

MM from St Catharines said ... I was outside for break at Sitel and I noticed a large bird flying north along the 12 Mile Creek. I thought at first it was a Turkey Vulture but it turned out to be a Bald Eagle. It was really moving. Soaring along the tops of the trees following the creek. It had me second guessing myself but I got a really good look at it and I am sure it was a Bald Eagle. There was also a Red Tail Hawk nest on the front of the Holiday Inn. It was built near the third floor above the entrance away from all the windows or roof access. We got to watch the young ones grow up during the summer months and learn to fly. The entire family was present until mid fall. What incredible creatures. True majesty.

Allison Boudko from Everett, Ontario wrote ... Cresting a hill on the 6th line, flanked by corn fields, three Eagles, and several crows flew up. Initially, and at first glance, I thought they were wild Turkeys feeding on corn, given their size. As they turned and spread their wings the white tails, heads and wingspan gave them away. So beautiful! Curious why they would be in a corn field, I took the same route home to check the road side. A road killed whitetail had attracted them to the spot. Also, back in December, a cold, very quiet morning following a huge dumping of snow, an Eagle gracefully flew over us as we walked down our road. Quite high, but clearly a Bald Eagle. Very curious as to where they are nesting. We have some rivers and their tributaries running through the area (Nottawasaga and Boyne), which see a significant salmon run in early fall. Hope to see them again.

Jim Maia wrote to report ... we just witnessed a Bald headed Eagle fly over our home on Buckhorn Lake in the area of Six Foot Bay. The bird flew over our home and landed not to far on a rocky shore. We were able to watch him for over 15 minutes, as the bird seemed to be hunting. Date March 31st at 12:30pm.

One of our readers said ... we woke up this morning to the sight of a large bird perched high above the surrounding trees behind our house in Perth East. My husband was sure it looked like a Bald Eagle, but we had no idea they resided in this area. I ran for my zoom lense camera to confirm what we thought we saw. Sure enough, perched tall above his / her surroundings was a beautiful Bald Eagle. We don't know if this was a male or female but will look for more signs of their presence and possible nest in the coming weeks. It was very exciting to see such a large magnificent bird right out our back deck!

Another reader said ... on my way home from the office I looked up to see a large bird trying to make its way through the surprise of flurries/wind storm. I had to look twice to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. No mistake, it was an Eagle on highway 6 Caledonia. Let's hope we see more of these amazing creatures.

A reader from Dundas wrote ... I have 3 pet ducks which were out swimming in their kiddie pool when a big shadow came over them. I looked up thinking it was the heron I often see at my pond, but it had a white hood and not the head of the heron I was expecting. Got out the binoculars and got a better look. Definitely a Bald Eagle wanting a duck dinner.

Stacey from Ingleside reported ... I saw a Bald Eagle this afternoon being chased by two blackbirds in Ingleside, Ontario. We were putting up a shed in the backyard, my sister spotted it first and we watched it for several minutes - got a really good look at it. No question it was a Bald Eagle - the size, white head and tail were unmistakable.

Thank you all for writing to tell us about your Bald Eagle sightings, there must be way more around than most people know about!

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February 11 2020 sighting !
by: Chris F.

4:30 pm on Feb. 11/2020 .... just watching two Bald Eagles circling in the sky above Lighthouse Point development & Georgian Bay shoreline in Collingwood, Ontario .
Does anyone know if many Bald Eagles frequent this area?

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