Ontario Bald Eagle Sightings

by Colleen, Ren & Co.
(Kitchener, Innisfil, Huntsville)

Last week we received reports from several readers who wrote to tell us about their Bald Eagle sightings.

Colleen from Kitchener said ..... On February 26th 2012, sighting along the Grand River on the Riverside Drive trail, beautiful second sighting only in my 45 years!

A reader from Huntsville ..... On Sunday February 26 2012, just after lunch on Aspdin Road at Highway 45, I saw what I thought was a Turkey Vulture soaring 80 feet above ..... very excited to confirm it was a Bald Eagle, and I had a great long look at it.

Ren says ..... I was driving north on Highway 400 on February 19th 2012, and perched in a tree was a lone Bald Eagle. It caught my eye because it was huge and much larger than the Hawks I normally notice. I spotted it a couple kilometres south of Innisfil near exit 75. Wow! Did not know that we actually ever had Bald Eagles in Ontario. Hope we see many more.

Thank you all so much for writing to tell us about your Eagle sightings, our readers will enjoy reading what you told us, and will perhaps watch for these magnificent birds in their own areas!

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Bald Eagle
by: Anonymous

I spotted a Bald Eagle in Port Colborne last Friday with a large fish in tow heading away from the lake.

Bald Eagle sightings
by: michelle

I have been lucky to have seen quite a few in the last while.

Along the Niagara River in Niagara-on-the-Lake - Queenston area, there are at least 4 or 5.

Two of them sit near side road 53.... I take this route to work just to see them!

I have seen two more closer to Queenston, Ontario.

There are one or two in Port Colborne. I have seen two close to the old Ratho Inn.

My close friend and fellow bird buff, saw one in the marina.... then off to the flour mill.

Also in Nanticoke.... I believe there are nine, as
I have seen six at a time there! Amazing

Just this week we found a Great Horned Owl nest. I love this!!!

Happy Birding:)

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