Old Cougar sighting report

by Joshua Currie
(Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada)

My name is Josh, I'm 23 years of age, often hiker.

Two years ago I witnessed a quick sighting of what appeared to be a younger adult Cougar here in Grey Bruce, Ontario, between October - November. So this unreported report is long overdue! I only shared it with close people such as friends/family.

I was hiking with my hunting dog on the Bruce Trail mid afternoon and as I was peering down the cliff near Black's park / West Rocks area, (20 ft down from where I was), with only the naked eye, when I spotted a large, light brown coloured animal moving between a few rocks and crevices, long curved tail and high, strong back rear legs.

There were clear marks of white under its light brown coat, and some colour on its tip of tail. I only saw its back end body as it was in motion and made some sounds like sticks breaking and bushes moving. I could only see it for about 3 seconds before it kept moving along below me but it was different, quite large and fast and was gone quite quickly, dropping down to somewhere else.

My dog and I just kept low until we couldn't hear any movements. It was 1 or 2 times the size of an average sized husky, I'll say. My thoughts have been that it was just passing through but still perturbs me.

My memory is still very clear, though. I've moved through the area where this wild cat was days later and didn't see anything much in the way of droppings, blood etc., so I don't think it stuck around.

Rare they would be, I think. I have no photos or video.

Wow, thank you for sending us this information - I'm sure our readers will find this as fascinating as I do!

I will also post this on our facebook page so that our facebook followers can also enjoy your report.

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Many cougar sightings.lately
by: Stephanie

I've read many articles of cougar sighting lately
Millbrook, Haliburton, muskoka. Its become more known for sure.

Cougars are real
by: Frank

It must be at least 10 years now, but four of us were hiking at the far north end of Balsam Lake Provincial Park when a Cougar appeared to our right. Yes, it was only a brief appearance, but we all knew what we had just seen. We reported the sighting to the park office. Surprisingly, they said, "Not possible." We left the office feeling a bit down, but still high on our sighting. Five years later, I read in various media, that indeed sightings of Cougars in
that area have been occurring.

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