October Possums

by Troy, Mike, Diana, Karen, Doug, Nicco, Ann, Brenda, Maureen, Guy, Carole, Steve, Janet,, JG, Sarah, Greg
(Toronto, Beeton, Richmond Hill, Port Ryerse, Exeter, Thornhill, Scarborough, Grafton, Amherstberg, Beaverton, Markham, Ajax, Viewlake)

Troy reported seeing a Possum on the porch at the beach, Toronto Ontario ... Came home quite late and the Possum was on our front porch

Oct 2 Mike from Beeton, Ontario said ... I have seen him walking outside around 3 o'clock in the morning.

Oct 2 Diana from Richmond Hill reported ... Believe it or not, there is an Opossum coming to our back patio door every night to lap up dry cat food we have set out for our cats who like to sit outside during the evening. This Opossum is exactly like the one pictured above. I will ask my sister to take a picture of this strange marsupial if she can. He only ventures to our backyard in darkness, but, last night, I stood at the door and watched him devour the dry cat food and then slowly saunter off into the darkness. Quite a sight.

Oct 4 Karen from Port Ryerse said ... This morning I was sitting down to coffee when a furry face peered around the basement door. Without my glasses, I thought it was our (small) cat. With my glasses, I saw it was a Possum. It didn't seem too fazed and went back into the basement. I think this is a job for animal services.

Oct 5, Doug from Exeter, Ontario, said ... we just sat down to supper and it walked across the lawn between our place and the neighbours place, and walked to the other neighbour's properties around 6:25 to 6: 40 pm.

Oct 7 Nicco from Thornhill wrote to say ... I saw a Possum around 11 pm at my front door. It looked like a mix of a raccoon / large rat. I was so scared it was hiding underneath my car. I live in Thornhill. Steelers and Bay View. Cheers

Oct 8 Brimley/Eglinton in Scarborough ... Sadly my first sighting of a Possum was a dead one in my tool shed this evening. It was badly decomposed and was probably there a few days as I hadn't used the shed for some time.

Oct 11 Brenda Turnpenney from Grafton, Ontario, wrote to tell us ... Saw one in Ajax Ontario in a wooded lot near a stream on September 29 2016. I was watching out of a back room window when a small white coloured Opossum walked by. The home has a ravine wooded lot backing onto a stream. It was dark outside but lights were on in our friends backyard.

Oct 11 Maureen from Amherstburg, Ontario, wrote to say ... Not much of a story. The dogs went out to the backyard, started barking and tried to jump up the fence. We went out to see what the racket was and saw an Opossum sitting on the fence post. We grabbed the dogs and the opossum scurried along the top of the fence hopefully to leave the yard. Poor thing looked really frightened. This was the first time I had ever seen one.

Oct 13 Steve A H from Markham, Ontario, wrote to say ... We recently picked up some pumpkins. We noticed one morning that the smallest pumpkin had a hole chewed through to the middle. The bite hole was too small for a raccoon and too large for a mouse. This morning when we were leaving for the day, we noticed what appeared to be a possum walking up the driveway of our neighbour across the street.

Oct 13 Janet from Kearney Drive, Ajax, wrote to tell us about the first time she saw a Possum ... I just saw a Possum in my back yard. I live in Pickering Village. I have never seen one of these animals before, but after checking on the Internet pictures, it is definitely a possum, a rather large one too. He was just wandering around on the grass with his nose to the ground most of the time. I had noticed in the last week or so some poop on the lawn that I had never seen before and thought that perhaps a dog had gotten into my back yard somehow. But now I can see the connection. I don't know what to do about it.

Oct 14 A reader said ... I saw one tonight in Viewlake. He was into someone's garbage and scurried off when he saw my headlights.

Oct 14 A reader from Chatham, Ontario said ... We have two Opossums feeding on back lawn grubs at night but they have been sighted in the daytime too. They really turf up the lawn!

Oct 16 J G from Toronto ... I was biking home from work on a side street in North York, just east of Bathurst north of Wilson and spotted a dead animal in the middle of the street. I circled back after I realized it was not a raccoon just to see what it may be. Sure enough it had a large rat-like tail, pointy white face with a pink nose. Once I got home I looked it up to see if they were known to the area, and sure enough they are. I found it quite interesting as it was the first time I have ever spotted one.

Sarah from Toronto, Oct 17 I saw a possum just outside my house near Gerrard and Carlaw in Toronto one evening a few months back. I thought it was a Raccoon (there is a family of Raccoons that I see in the neighbourhood a lot) until I did a double take and it was a white possum. It just skulked past me without a worry in the world – closely followed by the Raccoons!

Oct 19 Greg Pinch reported ... I just saw one on my backyard porch at Pape and Danforth in Toronto.

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Morning opposum
by: Luis

Today was particularly foggy. I left to work around 6:30 am and when I opened the door, I saw a possum crossing my front porch. It did not seem too surprised with my presence. I live in Erin Meadows, Mississauga.

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