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by Dan
(NW Ohio, USA)

Q. One of the many reasons I'd like to jump across Lake Erie to the Canadian side is because jobs don't exist here anymore. One can apply for 10 jobs of something you have 5+ years experience in, and maybe not get one interview or call, as everyone now fights for the work. Is there a minimum wage? Is work any easier to find than my description? Does almost every employer hire part time only, to avoid any benefits? Thank you!

A. Currently the Minimum Wage in Ontario is $9.50 an hour, but as of March 31 2010 it will be increasing to $10.25.

The Unemployment rate in February 2010 in Canada was 8.2%, so the employment situation here is not as good as it once was, but things here are definitely improving steadily, with an increase of 21,000 across Canada last month.

Those are the facts and figures, but on the level of individuals seeking full time work, the situation still has a long way to go.

I think there are many employers here who hire part-time workers to save money because they don't have to include part-time workers in a benefit package - but the figures from Statistics Canada show that "Underlying February's employment change was a notable gain in full-time work (+60,000), which was partially offset by a decline in part time (-39,000). Since the summer of 2009, employment growth has been all in full time."

I hope the situation in both our countries soon improves, meanwhile, perhaps here are a couple of websites I found with lots of information and samples of Resume layouts, cover letters, and even follow-up letters.

Powerful Resume Samples

Professional Resume Example

Statistics Canada Employment figures

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Nice response, thanks
by: Dan

Hello. A very quick and realistic response, backed by facts and numbers even. I didn't get any new spyware emails since I give my addy to you, and you even took the time to add some resume links.

Helping people freely, and answering questions honestly? Wow, maybe Canadians are different. I'm tired of the corruption here, and our new "Health Care" bill is destined to kill our already dying economy. If you ever visit Port Clinton, Ohio, you will see the empty businesses left and right, and signs of mass poverty developing.

I'm trying to organize a few friends and family and take a visit day to the other side of Lake Erie this spring, and see what its like there.

To the person called "Case" that made this response, thanks for the info.

I'm glad I was helpful - I'm still Barb, the web-mistress of this site, but I just transferred ownership of this site to my husband ..... it made more business sense to do that, but it is still me doing the talking!

If you come to Ontario this summer, I hope you have a great time - I have always found Canadians friendly and welcoming, so come on up!

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