Norwich, Ontario

Norwich, Ontario - the clock tower and post office

Norwich, Ontario - the clock tower and post office

I went to Norwich, Ontario, not too long ago and its beautiful!!!

The Amish are everywhere with their horses and buggies and its just so neat to see everything there.

It's so hilly and their aren't any mountains except for way out in the distance.

Trees are everywhere and it looks so pretty!

The people are so nice and everyone seems so happy and cheerful. Love it there!!!!

The Zeelandia Bed and Breakfast is a great place to stay if you want lots of privacy and a huge breakfast and it is just an 8 minute drive from Norwich!

Norwich is located in Oxford County and has a population of around 11,000 people.

Thank you for sending this information to us - we also like Norwich and visited there last week - we love the Norwich Deli & Bakery on the main street. We bought lots of Dutch cheeses and meats as well as some of their selection of freshly baked bread. We also went to Norma's Coffee Bar for lunch and enjoyed a great breakfast-for-lunch with lots of their delicious hot coffee.

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