Northern Ontario Coyote

by Robert
(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

Sad ending

Approximately two months ago (June 2014), I was done cutting my lawn and it was near dusk when I observed a Coyote walking along my property line.

He was about 150 feet away when I walked towards him and yelled at him.

I was hoping to make him aware not to come back as I was concerned that he may come back and grab my dog or even my young 4 year old daughter.

Well, I believe that the bastard came back on August 25 and grabbed my 7 year old female Shipoo (Shitzu/Poodle).

I am furious. I'm also sad that my dog had to die this way.

I want to kill these predators now.

I plan on placing traps beside my property, I want to attract them and shoot them.

I am so sorry for what happened to your dog, that is awful. Keep a close eye on your 4 year old as well - these animals sound very bold.

You may also need to check what the rules and regulations are in your area, regarding traps and shooting.

You're in the north so it may be okay, but I'm not sure it would be allowed here in the south of the province.

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