Niagara Peninsula Possums

by Mary Lee Bryson, Jennifer, Mike & Lisa, Sharon Dowling, Debbie, Wrighty, Diane & Sarah, Patti & Keith, Bob Higgs
(St Catharines, Hamilton, Grimsby, Burlington, Smithville, Fonthill & Fenwick )

Mary Lee Bryson wrote to say ... We have an Opossum that seems to have a route it takes nightly. We were afraid of it until we read your information. This little creature wanders through the garden, sniffs our grass and continues onto the next garden. We live in Welland, Ontario. We have also seen an Opossum crossing the street in a quiet neighbourhood in St. Catharines, Ontario. We were told that they are blind so become very aggressive and vicious if we were to come close to it! Thanks for your information!

Terri from St Catharines says ... We had a Possum in the yard in early spring. I was quite surprised to see her but not nearly as surprised as she was by my dogs. Fortunately they left her alone and just barked continuously until I brought them back inside. She moved along after that.

Jennifer from Hamilton reported ... I spotted one sauntering through my backyard while I was gardening.

Mike & Lisa wrote about their Possum sightings ... We have had two Possum sightings in our backyard in the north end of St. Catharines. Both in the later evening, looking for food. We throw our vegetable peelings out to feed the rabbits and the Possums found them and munched away. Happy to help feed what appears to be pretty harmless creatures.

Sharon Dowling from Grimsby, Ontario, wrote to report ... on Friday 19 February 2016, this evening I opened the front door and was thrilled to see a Possum in our small front garden. It's a very mild evening. 9 degrees. I hope this little guy stays around and enjoys the food we put out for the birds.

Debbie from Burlington says ... I have three young Opossums visiting every night in my yard and they have discovered my dogs food bowl. It was the cutest thing to see all three with their heads in the bowl, all at the same time. I haven't seen their mother just the young ones. I hope they continue to eat and get big and strong. I think my dog purposely leaves food for them.

Wrighty from Burlington says ... My dogs just found a Possum in my back yard! I had no idea they were in Ontario!

Diane & Sarah from Smithville wrote to say ...I was leaving Plains Road in Burlington and driving up the ramp to the Niagara bound QEW at approximately 2 am on Wednesday June 10th with my daughter, when a Possum crossed the ramp in front of us. Nothing was behind us so we slowed a little to allow it to cross. Creepy critter at 2 am.

Patti & Keith wrote about their Fonthill and Fenwick Possums ... We have caught 3 in our live trap, and transport them to the country. We are wondering if we set him free here in town does he do any harm to our plants or property?

Bob Higgs wrote to say ... My dog hunted one out from under my shed. Hurt it real bad so I was forced to shoot it to put it out of its misery. I don't like doing that to any animal. Anyway it was a little larger than the normal house cat, grey in colour and weighed about fifteen pounds.

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Possum in St Catharines' north end
by: Anonymous

Maribel Fscript from St Catharines. I was getting off from my car and I was surprised to see crossing my highway an animal than was not a cat, a mouse, it was bigger. White color with some gray areas. I was very surprised to see it in the Northern end, it was an Opossum. Interesting but strange animal.

Welland, Ontario
by: Anonymous

Two in one day. We relocated them further from humans. Cute but weird animals

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