Nature Watching in downtown Toronto

by n0va59
(Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

Nature in the middle of Toronto

Nature in the middle of Toronto

Well, I just wanted to share a fairly unknown spot in downtown Toronto that is truly magical.

The place is the park behind "Evergreen Brickworks".

This is truly a magical place, the city disappears when you're down in the old quarry park. I visit there at least 3 times a week to soothe my soul.

To date, I have observed, (very close up): Muskrats, a mating pair of Wood Ducks, two Swans fly in for an hour or so, many, many, many Hawks, a few Turkey Vultures, Cormorants, Purple Martins, as well as a plethora of other song birds, of which I do not know the names.

Oh yes, a small Spotted Woodpecker, a few Egrets, a few Terns, hmm also Rabbits and other small mammals, Turtles, Garter Snakes and many, many more!

I could go on and on about this old restored-to-natural-state brick quarry!

If you are in the Toronto area, I urge you to visit - it is free and open to the public seven days a week and can be reached easily on the TTC from a free shuttle, located just outside Broadview subway station. The shuttle runs every half hour, from 7am to 7pm.

Thank you so much for this great article, that really is a wonderful haven for wildlife!

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Brickworks, Toronto
by: Anonymous

I was shocked to see what they have turned that area into. As a teenager, we used to climb to the top of the east hill and look into the mine which must have been around 200 feet down. I am an avid fisherman, so when I go down there I bring some slices of bread, crush it up in small bits and feed the fish, and turtles. There are small rock bass, some catfish, a rather large koi, two large snapping turtles, quite a few other smaller turtles as well as the muskrats. A fantastic place and a great place to relax and walk about in the middle of the city and forget you are downtown.

by: Anonymous

Thank you for this great post! It's good to hear we can have this kind of experience of nature right in Toronto.

I often turn around there to go south on the Bayview extension & you'd never know what was there from the front.

We'll definitely check it out & will probably get some great pictures.

Thanks again for your post - I really enjoyed reading it.


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