Mystery Animal Print

by Crystal
(Spencerville, Ontario, Canada )

Unknown animal print

Unknown animal print

Lately I've been doing some photography and prints because I've been noticing a lot of different animal prints, ones that I'm not really recognizing and ones that when I do a Google lens on my phone with the picture I took, seems to have a mixture of animals.

This print was pretty clear and the one I took yesterday it says it was a cougar and I live in Spencerville, Ontario (80 km south of Ottawa).

About 3 weeks ago, maybe four now, I had a face-to-face encounter with a silver Fox, it was beautiful and I wish my camera was out.

I had just got done sitting in an open field and then in the open field there's a trail that goes into the Forest and then before all that is a nice big Gravel Pit with a quarry of water where all the animals seem to go.

I just literally put my phone away, got up to start walking and it was coming out and it looked at me and it looked at it and then it was gone.

It was all white but like a yellowish tinge, but no black on it was yellowish White.

I did a Google thing on it and Silver Fox it said.

Yes I've been photographing paw prints which Google lens said were a cougar print or a bear or coyote or fox

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