Mystery Animal in Thornhill

by Fred
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

While crossing Doncaster (Thornhill) near the railroad underpass, an animal that was shaped like a rat, ran across in front of my car.

It was about a foot long in body with a short bushy tail about four inches long that was constantly twirling.

It definitely was not a rat.

Rats run different and being very familiar with them having dispatched quite a few in the past at the local dump.

Any ideas about it.

It was running low to the ground and sniffing for something.

Hello Fred, sorry for the delay - we have quite a back-log of animal sightings to put on our website!

I think what you saw may have been a Possum - we have had lots of reports of them all across the province.

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Animal like Possum
by: Anonymous

I saw an animal like what you said in my backyard on tree. What could be?

Answer to question about mystery animal.
by: Anonymous

You are right! I have seen a few more since then. Another invasion from south of the border. Raccoons crossed first over in about 1900 and have raised a lot of havoc. By havoc I mean among other things, taking the shingles off roofs in order to get into attics. Had the roofer in this week to replace my roof after a Raccoon did a job on it.

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