Multiple Possum Sightings

by Bev, Doug, Brian, Tim, Alex, Bill, D Jensen, Lynne, Al M, Ruth
(Toronto, Brampton, Essex, Port Hope, Keswick, Barrie, Cambridge, Wyoming, Oshawa, Lacolle (PQ))

Bev spotted a Possum just below Little India in Toronto ... it went right into my front garden! Crossed the street when my dog barked from the balcony. 8:30 p.m. Not even dark out.

Doug from Toronto wrote ... one just came on my deck at dusk. We scared each other! Never seen one before in Toronto.

Brian R. from Brampton said ... one got in our garage and the only way to capture it (live trap) was by putting water in the cage as it was trapped in the garage and standard bait (thought it was a raccoon) failed to entice it in. That one was relocated to local conservation area. Have seen one on back fence and neighbour advised that he saw one adult and 4 babies this past week (July 4th 2019). I suspect they are living under deck at back of pool.

One of our readers from Essex, Ontario, wrote ... it comes out at night in our back flower garden. Looks very large. Would be pregnancy cause her to be so huge. Larger than a cat. But definitely opossum, my question is - would they ever climb up on a roof of our home like a raccoon did last year. The raccoon had to be removed by animal removal man as it lived and had young in our dormer.

Tim from Port Hope said ... I was looking for our dog in our back yard and when I found the dog - there was a Possum. The Possum was not moving and just lying there and not moving.
Brought the dog in -went to get my camera and you guess it - the Possum was gone.

A reader from Keswick wrote ... a bold little creature, unlike anything we have even before. It seemed to be as curious about us, as we were about it. We pulled to a stop as it stood still in the middle of the road. And once we got a good look at each other, it meandered off, into the bushes at the side of the road. My husband later figured out what this strange creature was, and your website helped us understand why we had never seen one before.
Alex from Barrie wrote to report ... tonight I saw a possum in my backyard North west of Barrie, Ontario. I had to look it up because I didn't believe it! I wanted to take a picture but it got away before I got close. It was white quite big and didn't have a tail and it came back a few minutes later looking for food around my composter. I'll try to take a picture again and keep an eye on it. It might be living nearby. An interesting animal for sure.

Bill from CFB Borden wrote ... I was walking my puppy around my back yard and lo and behold, a possum appears. It looked to be searching for insects.

D Jensen from Cambridge wrote ... we put food out for some stray cats that come at night. We have been hearing stories of a big rat in the neighbourhood. Last night I turned on the porch light and saw the possum eating the cat food. He seemed more hungry than scared and finished before leaving. Last year it was different breed possum. In the back. Hognose?
Maybe? This one was young with sharp nose.

Lynne from Wyoming, Ontario said ... I had one at my feral cat feeding station in early morning. About 4:30 am. Scared my cats away!!

Al M from Central Oshawa said ... 10:30 pm, I didn't have my camera and by the time I went to get it, the opossum was gone. It didn't seem to fear me at all.

Ruth from Lacolle, wrote ... tonight, a possum came out from under our porch, having been spotted by our big Calico Cat. Never have I seen one in our area. Lacolle, Quebec.

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