Moving back to Canada

by Siobhan
(United Kingdom)

Hi, please could you help me ?

My dad is Canadian and my mother English and around 45 years ago my parents asked the Canadian Embassy to help them move back to Canada from the United Kingdom, and they did.

They got my Dad a job and a home in Canada.

Then I was born out there, but after a few more years they came back again to the UK.

Now, my question is - as I am of Canadian citizenship, could Canada help me the same way as they helped my famiy?

I have visited Canada since I left at the age of two because that's what I call "Home"

I wish my parents had never left there as all of my life I've wanted to settle in Canada.

This is an interesting question, Siobhan. It is my understanding that because you were born here in Canada, and you are a Canadian citizen, there wouldn't be a problem for you to come to live here, and there may be services available which could help you settle here.

However, if you are married and / or have children, they would still have to go through the Immigration process.

The place to contact would be the Canadian Embassy in the UK, or you might want to check out the Canadian Border Services Agency, which provides useful information on moving back to Canada.

I am checking some other resources, and will add more when I know more!

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