More Ontario Possums

by Norma, Steve, Cassandra, Snuggs, Brenda, Mary-Anne, Linda, Jaclyn
(Omemee, Owen Sound, East Gwillimbury, Epsom, Hanover, Windsor, Chatham, Markham, Codrington, Lucan)

Norma from Omemee wrote ... last night there was a ruckus in my back yard and my dogs were barking and barking. I went out and they had found a possum that was playing dead. Not knowing if it was hurt or not I took the little one inside and made it comfy in a large crate. I put steak, fruit and water in with it. Covered the kennel with a sheet and thought in the morning I will know if it survived. Well the little guy did and this evening we are going to release it back into the forest.

Steve from Owen Sound wrote ... we keep our mudroom door cracked to give our local cats a place out of the weather. We also provide food and water. About four weeks ago at about 6:00 am I caught sight of the little guy crawling in under a dresser. I left the light on and played the radio encouraging him to move out. Figuring he moved on, I didn't see him again until today due to the warm weather. Feeling bad for him relocating this late in the year, I guess I have a guest until spring.

Cassandra from East Gwillimbury said ... I think it was a possum I saw in my backyard tonight. It is a warmer night than usual so maybe it came out to look for some food. 11:25pm. It stood still when I spotted it and when I went in to get a flashlight, it quietly slipped under the fence just as I was shining the light in the backyard.

Snuggs reported ... last night at dusk I let my dogs outside. My Australian Shepherd X spotted something at the fence line. (She loves chasing squirrels). From a distance it was very cat-like. Thankfully I controlled my pups excitement and got a little closer look to see a fluffy Possum. Unfortunately I usually see them dead road side so this was quite exciting to see live. He/She stayed quite still for some time. Epsom Ontario. Just outside of Port Perry.

Brenda from Hanover said ... February 3rd 2020 10:00 am I was visiting family near the downtown and I was getting ready to head North and to my surprise a Possum crossed the road.

Mary-Anne from Windsor wrote ... a Possum was eating food left over from a stray cat we are feeding. Our cat hunts mice and a dead mouse disappeared the next day before we could bury it. I think the possum ate it.

A reader from Chatham wrote ... I saw a baby possum (about 8 inches from top of nose to end of tail) in the backyard gazebo in a residential neighborhood in postal code N7L 1R7 at about 10:30.

A reader wrote to say ... we leave food out for our cats, and of course the possums come and help themselves, and they are welcome to do so. The cats don't mind the possums and sit watching and are even by them. When you live in the country all creatures should be respected.

One of our readers from Markham, Ontario, and they said ... I was about to let the dogs out at 11:30 pm March 27, when I saw a Possum by a small bush in my backyard. It hobbled away under my shed. I hope my dogs don’t get it. I have to make sure to check before I let them out now. It was just staring at me then took off. Never seen one before.

Linda from wrote ... we live on a farm in Codrington, just north of Brighton Ontario, and our tenants on the farm have a family of possums under there deck. He feeds them all the time. They need for people to make them a little home like a dog house but smaller and fill it with straw, or old rags, or old clothing you were going to throw out.

Jaclyn from Lucan wrote ... my kids and I were on a "field trip" in the field behind our house and we came across evidence of several dead possums. They were mostly decomposed with just fluff and skeleton left. We knew they were possums because there was one amongst them that was pretty fresh. I am not sure why so many (7-10) would be found dead within about 30 feet of each other.

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