More Ontario Bald Eagles

by Fred, Attila, Kurtis, Shelby G, Jennifer L, Yvette, Jock, Laughlin, Graham M, Rob, Susan, Glenda, Milene, Tammy
(Collingwood, Bolton, Caistor Centre, Dundas, Port Perry, Mississauga, Chandos Lake, Georgetown, Tiny, Centre Wellington, Cape Hurd, Kingston, Seguin Township, Milton, Omemee, Clinton)

Fred wrote to tell us ... I did not think Bald Eagles were in Ontario, much less Collingwood, but that is what it looked like. April 28 my wife made me go to the window to look at a really big bird right at the shore just north of Collingwood. It was a lot bigger than any other bird we have see here (not including swans) and had a white head and the tail was white. It did not look like a hawk which is common here. It just slowly flew at the edge of the water giving us a thirty second sighting. I went to my computer to google Bald Eagle flying and that is what it looked like.
Beautiful and graceful.

Attila from Bolton wrote to report ... around noon, I was driving west on Keg Lane leaving Paris, Ontario, and I spotted two large birds gracefully circling above some trees along the road. It was rather windy at the time but they were having no trouble navigating. As I got closer, one of them landed beside the road since there was a dead animal lying there. I got fairly close before it flew off but there was no mistaking what type of bird it was. Beautiful white head, curved beak, strong legs - spectacular! I travel a lot and am always fascinated with the birds of prey in Southern Ontario, but this was a first for me. Amazing!

Kurtis from Caistor Centre wrote to say ... I was on my way to work and a beautiful Bald Eagle swooped down out of a tree 15' away from the front of my truck. I must have startled it because it flew straight up and all I could see was its giant feet hanging down and a widespread white tail and wings! What a great surprise!! Last time I saw one was in Nova Scotia.

Shelby G from Dundas wrote ... I spotted what looked to be two adults with one young brown Bald Eagle at their side. They had just caught a fish from the creek on the side of the 407 before Britannia road! The one was massive!! Incredible birds and my very first Bald Eagle sighting.

One of our readers wrote ... I was just going east on the 407 and saw a Bald Eagle in Osprey Marsh at Britannia Road and the 407. First time I've ever spotted one in Ontario. Beautiful!

Jennifer L from Port Perry said ... on our way to Fenelon Falls, Ontario, we made a pit stop at McDonald’s and as we were pulling out of the parking right outside Port Perry along the highway we spotted a Bald Eagle walking amongst the ducks and geese. It was so crazy to see such a beautiful rare bird up close and personal, we didn’t believe it was a Bald Eagle until we came across your article on google.

Yvette wrote to tell us ... yes, today we can confirm a Bald Eagle sighting in Mississauga. Watched the bird on land in a marsh then the bird took flight what a sight to behold. I wish I had a good camera all I got from that was a speck. Amazing!

Jock wrote to report ... West Bay of Chandos Lake near Apsley, Ontario. Blue sky with some overcast and weak cumulus. Mid afternoon 4 of us sitting on the dock seeing Loons and occasionally Ospreys, gulls and either Turkey Vultures or buzzards. Lo and behold a big bird with broad wings, slightly ruffled wing tips and stark white head and tail soared into sight and for 5 to 10 minutes circled in weak thermals occasionally flapping to move upwind to another thermal before flying off out of sight.

Another reader reported seeing a Bald Eagle in Georgetown ... watched an adult Bald Eagle today flying over the Credit River. Definitely a Bald Eagle as I saw it fairly up close. Close to double the size of an Osprey that is also fairly common in the area.

Laughlin from Tiny, Ontario, wrote ... we were in the parking lot at the Midland Ontario Mall and it was really high in the sky being chased by a seagull. Beautiful birds.

Graham M from Centre Wellington, wrote ... kayaking Luther Lake today and spotted a huge raptor sitting on a dead tree on an island. Investigated later and can positively identify as a Juvenile Bald Eagle. Watched it for 10 minutes until it took off and caused panic in a nearby flock of water birds, approximately 12 noon.

Another reader wrote ... at 8:00 a.m. this morning I saw a Bald Eagle fly by the front of the cottage at Cape Hurd, about fifty metres offshore.

Rob wrote to report ... yesterday was the best day of my life when I looked up in the sky and saw a Bald Eagle soaring over my head in Kingston. I've seen them up north but never here. I told many people about my fantastic sighting and no one believed me. I wish I could have proof of my news.

Susan from Seguin Township wrote to report ... back in November, we were leaving the cottage and going out back road that I have traveled the past 63 yrs, my hubby and I saw our first Bald eagle. All We can say is WOW!!! It was gone before I could get my phone to photo.

Glenda from Milton, Ontario saw a Bald Eagle last year ... it was November 11, 2018 at 6th Line north of Campbellville Road. At first I thought it was a Turkey Vulture then noticed the white tail & head. It flew over us twice. Amazing.

Milene from Omemee, Ontario, wrote to say ... on November 13, 2018 a Bald Eagle was seen at 10:30 am on Pigeon River, Omemee, Ontario. It was being chased away by 2 crows. I have seen one last year perched in a tree along the river, likely it is the same one.

Tammy reported ... last November I saw 3 Bald Eagles out soaring the skies in Clinton, Ontario ...what a beautiful sight. Been here all my life and never saw one ... trying to get pics.

Thank you for all your reports.

It is so encouraging that so many people are seeing Balds all over Ontario, when you consider that they were endangered just a couple of decades ago.

I still remember seeing my first pair of Bald Eagles - I was getting into my car at a shopping mall in London, Ontario, and I was tired and put my seat back so that I could rest for a few minutes, and as I lay there I looked up and saw two birds flying incredibly high, just soaring above me, and the sun flashed on their heads and tails and I knew they were Eagles - I was delighted and excited. Since then I have seen many, but I still remember the excitement of the first sighting.

And, Rob, everyone on here believes that you sighted a Bald in Kingston!

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