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by Kells, B Pacheco, Chris, Geneviève, Erin, K Haines, Jane, Kate
(Innisfil, Whitby, Milton, Arthur, Waterdown, Middlesex County, Port Colborne, Niagara Area, Hamilton)

Ontario Coyote

Ontario Coyote

Kells said ... Friday night, June 24th, I saw what looked at first like a Wolf, then a Fox, then I figured it was a Coyote, crossing Walker's Line just south of Dundas Hwy. It looked strong and strutted across the road like it was very confident. It was on the Hydro lands and was moving from West to East. After reading about Coywolves, I think that this is what it was.

Nature at it's rawest B Pacheco from Innisfil said ... We live in a retirement community just south of Barrie. While walking our dog last night around 11 pm I heard a faint rustling coming from the green space. A moment later I was startled to see a rabbit dart past us about 10 feet away. Close on it's heels was a Coyote. I didn't realise they moved so fast and I also expected they would make some sort of noise when in pursuit but the chase was quiet. Really beautiful animals.

One of our readers observed a Coyote at Garden Street and Taunton Rd E in Whitby ... I saw a 50 to 60 lb Coyote lumbering down the street at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I stopped my car to take a picture, but he continued down Fallingbrook Street by the grade school. He could have easily carried away a dog or tot.

Chris from Milton said ... I scared off two Coyotes on November 23, in Milton Ontario. Around 8 pm I began walking my dog on the corner of Tremaine and Derry when two popped out of the small valley headed towards us. Pretty decent size, also very curious and didn't seem scared until I headed towards them yelling to scare them off and not pursue my small dog.

Geneviève from Wellington said ... in Arthur Ontario Last night November 25th at 2 am we heard a group yipping around our farm we think there was more than 5 coyotes.

Erin from Milton Ontario wrote to report ... this was back at the beginning of September. I was sleeping in my living room on the couch and I could hear my dog downstairs, growling at something. This was at 3 am. I went downstairs to see what's going on and I saw my dog snarling and staring at the front window, which looks onto my front porch, and walk way. I automatically thought there was someone trying to break into my house, so I cautiously looked out the front door and there were 2 large Coyotes standing 10 - 15 feet from my front door. They didn't see me but they started to loudly howl and yip for a good 5 minutes. They then walked through the small parkette out front my house and into a larger park that I live by.

A reader from Waterdown, Ontario, wrote to say ... the past couple of weeks I have heard Coyotes howling, our neighbours cat went missing. Heard howling followed by barking last night.

K Haines from Middlesex County, Ontario, said ... today near the Provincial Park I saw a large animal I thought must be a Wolf, due to its size and
shaggy coat, trotting gracefully out of the one side of the road near a housing development and down into the park on the other side, right in front of me. I was so surprised and wished I had been quick enough to get a picture as it was only 3 pm on Saturday and very clear, but sadly he vanished into the underbrush quickly. I searched the Internet as I thought it must be a Coyote this close to home, yet it was so big and not lean faced! I then found the Eastern Coyote pictures and I realized it was likely that animal. Amazing to see one so close and casual!

Jane from Port Colborne, Ontario, wrote to tell us ... Multiple Coyotes in rural Port Colborne. They're a fact of life in rural Port Colborne. I hear them howling at night to each other and some of my feral cats go missing, if they don't know to stay in the barn at night. Christmas morning there were two walking down the road towards my yard where my puppy was playing. I went "big" and yelled and jumped around and one turned off to go. The other was a little braver and stood his ground. I started backing away without turning my back and eventually he turned off and went the opposite direction of the other one. In the blink of an eye, they can disappear into the brush. There are too many here. As building reaches new heights in the area, they are being moved out into the more rural areas and then multiplying. They will be a huge problem in the years to come.

Kate wrote ... early this evening before 6 pm, we saw a very thin adolescent-lookiCoyote wandering through a busy neighbourhood. He had darker patches on his face, shoulder and back, couldn't tell if they were dirt, dried blood or missing fur. Did not seem put off by the heavy traffic at the corner of Woodlawn and Clare. Loped along the sidewalk, across the street and down another sidewalk for a while before I lost him in a field of tall grass. I found his behaviour very strange.

A reader reported seeing Coyotes in the Niagara Area ... Friday night around 11:15 pm crossing Thorold Stone Road – saw the Coyote run into the field on the south side as I was travelling east very close to Kalar Road – I hear them all the time in the early morning as well. This was in September.

A reader from Hamilton, Ontario wrote ... There are Coyotes in outskirts of Hamilton near McMaster University. Spotted on the corner of Yarmouth Court and Iona Avenue at 1:30 am. Thought it was a dog at first and went to approach it. Thought something was off and decided better of it. Larger in person than I would have imagined. It was blondish, white and grey, gorgeous animal.

Thank you all for your submissions to our website - we enjoyed reading your reports and I know our readers will too.

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