More Bald Eagle sightings

by Fred, Nhung, Philip B, Curt, Jimmy, Bonnie & John, Michael E, Shannon G, Rick
(Kingston, Georgetown, Scugog River, Neustadt, Burlington, Barrie, Wasage Beach, Coboconk, Toronto, North London, New Dundee, Foxborough)

Here are some recent reports from our readers of Bald Eagle sightings across Ontario

Fred from Kingston reported ... my wife and I recently took the Glenora ferry to Prince Edward county. We observed four individual Bald Eagles flying over and hunting the open water created by the ferry crossing, the narrows at Glenora and most of the Bay of Quinte was ice covered. One of the Eagles flew over top of us and near enough to confirm it was a mature bird with white head and tail feathers. I have lived back in Ontario since 1999 after spending 25 years away in NS and BC. When I lived in Courtenay, BC., Bald Eagles were as common as seagulls. Growing up in Eastern Ontario during the 60's and early 70's, I witnessed the decline of all raptors caused by the use of DDT and PCBs released into the lakes, that decimated their populations. I recall walking the beaches of Lake Ontario covered in dead fresh water herring or shiners as we called them. Rabbits were as abundant as the rats in the open landfill sites, caused in part by lack of predation by raptors. The great lakes and watershed will never be the same as their natural state, but they are vastly improved. Near daily sightings of Hawks, Turkey Vultures and now Bald Eagles is the anecdotal evidence clinching it for me. The pictures included are not the best but show them flying over the open water and feeding on the ice.

Nhung wrote to say ... late last October a large Bald Eagle was on the road (25th Sideroad) in front of me as I crested a small knoll, eating carrion. He flew away as I approached, it was a massive size. In mid January I spotted what could have been the same bird (but not necessarily so) along the same road, one kilometer east, at the north west edge of Mono Cliffs Park, flying low and through forest edges. This was a massive bird, wings exceeding four feet across. Effortless in his pursuit of dead deer and lesser sized animals. I understand from a local birder they are nesting here. I plan to see it much more as I get out hiking in late January through to spring. Lots of Dufferin County hardwood forest in Mono Township and environs.

On December 8 2016, one of our readers reported seeing a Bald Eagle in Georgetown, they reported ... I just saw a Bald Eagle on Heritage Road. I was driving to pick up my kids from school and I could not believe it, but it could not be any other bird this size and unmistakable white head!

Philip Best reported ... I recently had an awesome sighting of a Bald Eagle sitting on the ice on the Scugog River and lo-and-behold there was also two river otters as well. They seemed to be playing / taunting the Eagle, coming up on the ice and sliding around. But of course not too close! What a beautiful sight too have seen! I love living here on the Scugog River!

Another reader said ... Bald eagle in Neustadt - On Dec 14th 2016 at about 4:30 pm while walking my dog, a large Bald Eagle flew over the north end of Barbara street in Neustadt, Ontario. It was a beautiful sight to see, he glided over slowly maybe only about 20 feet off the ground, the closest I've seen them yet, but not the first time I've seen them in the area.

Curt wrote to say ... I was working on South Street in Burlington on February 6 2017. When I glanced up and saw a giant Bald Eagle soaring overhead. Circling, it was drifting east with the west wind. I watched for ten minutes alerting others nearby of this rare sighting. I am quite sure this is the same Eagle spotted by others. I am in that area outside daily and it was a first for me.

On February 5th 2017, one of our readers wrote to say ... while driving in the southeast end of Barrie (Feb 2016) I saw a Bald Eagle fly overhead. What a privilege to have witnessed that beauty!

Jimmy wrote to say ... I walk 10 Km almost every day in Wasaga Beach and weather permitting, I walk half of my route on the beach. Today January 31st, 2017 at approximately 1.00 pm, I was walking west and was at around 50th Street when the Eagle took off from a tree and I stood and watched it as it floated in the breeze for about 10 minutes. This is my second sighting on the beach, the other being in the fall of 2016.

Bonnie & John Pike wrote to report ... at 10.45 am on January 29, 2017, in Coboconk, Ontario. I was viewing west across Gulf River looking at deer when a Bald Eagle flew into our sites and is presently sitting on the tallest tree directly across from our home. The river is approximately about 400 feet across, my wife Bonnie is still looking at him 11.12 am.

Michael Eisner wrote to report his Bald Eagle sighting in Toronto ... yesterday morning, January 25th I was going to the Etobicoke Yacht Club and just at the entrance of the Humber Bay promontory we spotted a huge bird. It was a Bald Eagle. We only hope they will start nesting in the area. What a magnificent sight! In the emotional commotion I did not take a picture ... sorry!

Shannon G said ... I saw a Bald Eagle sitting in the top of a very large tree on Medway Road, north London, Ontario, on Saturday January 21 2017, about 2:30 pm. It was stunning!

Rick from New Dundee wrote to say ... Bald Eagle sitting on the ice on Alder Lake on January 23 2017. Amazing sight! My daughter suggests the magnificent birds, America's national bird, is applying for residency in Canada because of the politics in the USA. Perhaps.

One of our readers said ... a pair of Bald Eagles seen by the side of the road near Foxborough. Looks as if they are maybe nesting in the trees nearby.

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Two subsequent sightings within two weeks
by: DMR

I've had the luck of seeing a couple of Bald Eagles flying about 5 minutes apart overhead near the intersection of Days and Front in Kingston, Ontario. Just today, I saw one of them again. I suspect there is a breeding pair on Lake Ontario, close by. Both sightings were at 730 in the morning. Keep your eyes open!!

Bald Eagle sighting
by: Marko

We a have a cottage right across Glenn Island by the Glenora ferry in the bay of Quinte. My daughter and I saw a Bald eagle fly right over our heads while we were at the cottage getting our boat ready. We could not believe how beautiful it was. It is such a rare sighting, almost like we dreamt it. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get a picture but we clearly saw the large wing span and white head ...amazing! This was on Sept 1 2017.

Perth County Eagles
by: Stu Menzies

Surprised to see three mature Eagles soaring today... six miles south west of Stratford, Ontario. These were the first I have seen close to Stratford. Nice clear day but cell phone photos were disappointing.

Eagle in Prince Edward County
by: Jeannine

My sister and I saw an Eagle on offspring while on the Glenora Ferry this early spring. We saw it near Bath then while on the ferry the adult was diving for food while the immature waited around. It was almost unbelievable.

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