I am almost sure it was a Coyote. It was not a deer and it was walking fast (sort of walked lightly like a dog does when it walks fast, but is not running).

It was about 4 am about October 23rd, and it was walking down the street towards 9th Line, on Talias Street. I was on Linwell, close to the corner of Talias Street, in Mississauga.

There are several little tunnels for water and some parks and bits of ravines in this area.

I am worried because there are several children who play on these streets and also people walking small dogs.

The reason why I am almost sure, and not 100% sure, is because I don't think that our area has any Coyotes ... but if it wasn't a Coyote, what was it? It wasn't a large dog because it was loose, and looked a lot like a Coyote.

Are there Coyotes in this region?

Thanks for your information - if you check out our Coyotes
section, you will see reports of Coyote sightings from all across Southern Ontario.

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