Mississauga Coyote

by Dave
(Mississauga, Ontario)

I saw a good sized coyote last week crossing Erindale Station Rd into the parking lot of a Chinese resturant just south of Burnamthorpe. It was a bit skittish of cars turning into the parking lot, but carried on its way, most likely looking for garbage.

It was heading into a pretty populated area with people walking about. I would imagine with the Credit River Valley area and the green space near the river, that most likely is where they are coming from in search of food.

I think they are pretty much scared of us ..... and would most likely avoid us. I fish the Credit River Valley area, and have seen lots of wild life down there including deer and raccoons ... it's part of nature.

We have been encroaching on them and forcing them by leaving open invitations - meals in dumpsters and throwing food left overs all over parking lots.

When we smarten up and clean up after ourselves they will relocate back into the wooded areas ..... if we dont stop tearing them all up for residential living.

Those are wise words, Dave - thank you for writing to us and telling us about your sighting of the Coyote!

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