Migrating Turkey Vultures

by Deane Campbell
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

A Kettle of Migrating Turkey Vultures

A Kettle of Migrating Turkey Vultures

I observed 27 large Vultures moving slowly and silently in early September (I believe) last year.

I live on the top floor (24th) of an apartment building facing east in the Yonge / Eglinton area of mid-town Toronto.

I have lived in Toronto all my life, and in that building for over 30 years (mostly on the 16th floor facing south moving to the top floor in 2015) and have never seen this before.

The group was moving from east to west, in lazy big circles.

I hope to see it again this year.

I cannot find any info online with regard to migrating times in Ontario.

Hello Deane - thanks for your report and picture.

I'm sure what you observed was a "kettle" of Turkey Vultures, perhaps when they were migrating south for the winter.

The timing of their migration in the fall, depends upon the weather, so if the weather is mild, they may stay a little longer and then leave once the cold weather arrives.

I am going to post this on our facebook page as well as here on our blog, as our facebook followers may know more about the Vulture migration.

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