Michelle's Mississauga Coyotes

by Michelle
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

Michelle wrote to tell us about her many Coyote sightings in the past few months, she says ...

November 10 2015, Crossfield Bend sighting - I was walking the dogs at 9:00 am and saw one Coyote. He ran off after playing and rolling around. Also in the Broadmoor Ave and Timothy Court area, 5 pm, I saw a Coyote in our garden dancing around like a pup. Maybe 40 pounds and quite tall. Lots of yips at night.

And again, on January 6, 2016 in the Broadmoor and Pinewood, Mineola Road area there was a big Coyote chasing a squirrel on Pinewood. It was not alarmed by our vehicle. This sighting was just before school let out.

On January 10 2016 at Broadmoor Ave and Pinewood, Mineola Road, I saw a big scraggly Coyote on Broadmoor 4 houses south of Pinewood, walking down the middle of the road and it was probably the same one we saw the other day. 13:30 yesterday. Does not run away. We called Animal Services and they took a report. I also saw Coyotes in the Broadmoor & Timothy Court area, Lots of coyote activity lately!

Overnight on January 13th. Tracks for three medium-large size, most likely, Coyotes following a cat and then a bunny. Signs of chasing and then signs of a few struggles and then they move on. The remains were out of sight or they carried them away.

January 14, 2016 Broadmoor & Timothy Court ... Lots of coyote activity!

January 16, 2016, at Broadmoor Ave & Windy Oaks and Timothy, Mineola, lots of Coyote sighting in the last few days as my neighbours see several each day, during the day. It is alarming because there are so many young children in the area.

Thank you, Michelle, for taking the time to send us this information!

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