Medium sized cat seen on the Don Valley Recreational Trail

by Daniel
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada.)

I was on my daily bike ride along the beautiful Lower Don Valley Recreational Trail and was just cruising along slowly as I always do so I can observe the wide variety of great wildlife we have right under our noses.

I looked to my right and noticed this strange medium-sized cat that was black and brown with light brown streaks throughout it's fur.

I have been riding this trail for years and years and have never seen anything like this.

At first I thought it was a Lynx or Bobcat however it was not as robust, but it was bigger than a house cat.

Can somebody help maybe identify what this was?

I know there are a lot of different species of wildlife along this trail.

Anybody have any guesses.

I tried to get a picture but as soon as it saw me getting closer it bolted into the woods with a very long and high leap, a house cat does not jump like this and it was bigger.

What a beautiful animal it was, and I was honored at having the pleasure of observing it.

It was laying on a log not too far from a heavily treed and wooded area, it was around 4:30 pm.

Thank you!

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Thank you Brian
by: Daniel

I have seen Fishers before, and I can say for a fact this was not one, the colors are what's throwing me off, I know nature can be tricky,and crafty with animals having off colors that are in the same family. I am stumped as I have not been able to see any references on any website about Southern Ontario animals. I hope I can find out what is was, but if I can't at least I had the opportunity of seeing this beautiful animal. Thank you Brian.

RE: Strange cat-like animal
by: Anonymous

Thank you Brian, I truly appreciate your comment on my post, I have seen Fisher (cats) before, it may have been one, but I truly don't think it was because of the color pattern, I really hope I can find out what this was because it was such a beautiful animal. I don't think Fishers have these different color pattern, but who knows about nature and what it holds.

Fisher "Cat"?
by: Brian

The Fisher matches the color but it is not a cat but a large weasel - I have seen these outside of Uxbridge, Ontario. Check out youtube for a video of one of these animals. I realize this is unlikely as your description was of a large cat.

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